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Strength and Conditioning Coaches

I was reading an article about simple sugars by Aaron Shelley. I quote, “Common sense (and research) would tell us that the two worst times to eat sugar would be post workout and before bed.” Im pretty sure I understand the before bed part, but after a workout? Thats when you want your insulin levels to rise because of its anabolic properties. Correct? Im reading about Strength and Conditioning Coaches because Im pretty sure thats what I want to do, and I found this article on a site pertaining to Strength and Conditioning Coaches. The sight is www.cscca.org. Are the majority of these coaches “old school”, where they base their programs off of outdated material. Also could anyone give me an example of what an ISSA and CSCCA certified individual would make at the high school, collegiate, or pro-level? Thanks, sorry for the long post.

Strength coaches are like any profession. There are good ones and there are dumb ones. I would say there are less wacky ones than personal trainers. High school strength coach - hard to find full time work in this field. About 8-12$ an hour

For the most part strength and conditioning coaches are underpaid. You could find a job that takes no education at all and make just as much. Its a sad sad thing. Even working for a professional team doesnt pay what it should. I took the option of doing strait personal training instead. I just speacialize in strength and conditioning. You would be surprised at how many athletes are seeking out trainers on their own. You still have to deal with the normal client who just wants to lose weight or look good at the beach. Well at least you’ll be paid more. Hope that helped.

Your right about the high GI carbs post workout. I think the reason someone might not be kosher with this is because they dont want an insulin spike at ANY time during a program unless it was for mass. As far as strength coaches, it can vary big time. Its up to you as to how much education and knowledge you have to offer. Not only that, but results are the name of the game. A great trainer or coach is not someone who knows how to train themselves, but knows how to train others for a specific goal in mind. So its not about knowing your own body, but being able to make gains with someone else’s. You have many to emulate, John Davies, Pavel, Poliquin, King…, you get the idea. No one can tell you how much you will make, its up to you to provide them with knowledge and results. Do that and you will be shown the money.

DO you mean CSCS, ISSA is a joke, CSCS you need a degree.

I am interested to hear why you feel ISSA is a joke. Please explain.