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Strength After Peaking vs Strength After Hypertrophy Blocks

Did you guys notice a significant increase in maximum strength between hypertrophy blocks and finishing up a peaking block?

I have heard some people say that the greater the fatigue generated in a hypertrophy block, the greater the potential during a peak

Any experiences on this?

Fatigue is not an objective, it is an inevitable consequence. Chronic overreaching is a thing and it is worse than training too little.

If you gain a significant amount of mass during a hypertrophy block that will significantly increase your potential for strength.

I agree with Chris. Typically in hypertrophy blocks your 1rm will decrease. Point is to gain muscle to have more potential for strength in strength blocks then peaking and tapering off for comp.

I don’t see any correlation in building fatigue and that making you stronger though. If you can gain muscle with as little
Fatigue as possible that’s the smartest route. Less chance for injury, less stress hendering recovery, etc.

This makes sense that your 1RM would decrease during a hypertrophy block.

Yeah I can’t remember where I heard this. if I remember later I’ll post it but, basically it said that TUT will decrease your strength even though it builds muscle. So volume training=more TUT so stands to reason.

The key is to focus on long term goal. More volume with progressively heavier weights over time. If you’re squatting 500 after peaking and you’re doing 5x10 at 350 (70%) in volume blocks then you probably won’t be ready to hit 500 or a new pr of 505-510 before hitting weights in your strength range and priming your body for the higher loads.

If your current training consists of singles and doubles then your 10rm will be lower and vice versa. What you can lift for a single right now only matters if you are peaking for a meet.

Linear Periodization Training

This method breaks strength training (General Physical Preparedness (conditioning), Hypertrophy, Limit Strength, Power, etc into training blocks.

One type of specific strength, like Hypertrophy is solely trained and focus on at the expense of other type of strength.

Thus, in a Hypertrophy Training Program will increase muscle mass combined with well written diet. However, it will be at the expense of a decrease in Limit Strength, Power and Speed.

That same applies when specifically only focusing one of the other types of strength, you make progress in the type of strength you are training, while losing some ground in the other strengths.

Transitioning From A Hypertrophy To Limit Strength Training Block

As Chris stated, “…A hypertrophy block that will significantly increase your potential for strength”.

Linear Periodization Training is an effective method.

However, another method that works, as well is…

Conjugate Training

This method combines different type of strength training into one program.

As an example, one day is devoted to Limit Strength (1RM), one to Hypertrophy, and one to Power Training.

Dr Michael Zourdos’ Limit Strength Training Research

Zourdos found the employing Limit Strength, Hypertrophy and Power into on training program evoked greater strength gains.

Dr Brad Schoenfeld Hypertrophy Training Research

Schoenfeld’s research demonstrated utilizing different type of strength training prompted greater increase in muscle mass.

  1. Mechanical Tension: Limit Strength Training, 1RM Training.

  2. Metabolic Stress: Hypertrophy Training, aka The Pump.

  3. Muscle Damage: Providing stress to the muscle, then allowing the time to recover.

Either a Linear Periodization Program (block program) or the Conjugate Method is effective with Schoenfeld’s protocol.

Cluster Hypertrophy Set Training

Dr Jonathan Oliver research Cluster Set Hypertrophy Set Training was able to increase muscle mass whjle increasing Hypertrophy, while maintaining or increase Limit Strength and Power.

Performing Cluster Set of up to 6 reps in a cluster, with 15 to 45 second rest between sets of 6 reps, performed explosively, maintained or increase Power and Strength.

Cluster Set Bench Press Example

Cluster Set 1: 135 lbs X 6 Reps

Rest 30 Seconds

Cluster Set 2: 135 lbs X 6 Reps

Rest 30 Seconds

Cluster Set 3: 135 lbs X 6 Reps

Rest 30 Seconds

Cluster Set 4: 135 lbs X 6 Reps
This complete your first Cluster Hypertrophy Set for a total of 24 Reps in the first Cluster Set.

Rest 3 minutes. Then repeat the above for 3 additional Custer Sets; making it a total of 4 Cluster Hypertrophy Sets with a total number of reps being 96 Reps in the Bench Press.

Kenny Croxdale