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Strength adn Stabilisation training.

OK, once people get over the shock of my not posting on something esoteric, I’d like a bit of help.

My partner has started training in the Olympic lifts and while she is making excellent progress she is finding she is having strength and stability issues through the core and with the weight above her head.

The real issue is not so much with the dead weight per se but with the weight in transition and balancing/ stopping it etc. Obviously rote repetition is going to come into it, but how would you structure specific
stabilisation exercises around those core exercises/

My personal thinking extends to including the following exercises:
1 Arm Snatches
1 Arm deads
Overhead lunges

Can anyone suggest either some more excercises or how I might structure
strength AND stability training into the mix



overhead walks
overhead squats

overhead lunges are great…

my secret favorite is…

racked walks (walk with the barbell racked like after a clean)
you can realy load this mother and you have to have balance!

its interesting what other people will say


I’d add in overhead squats, bent presses, and figure-8 walks. Basically, let stability come from strength training in the weak positions. Also, spend some time on the “power” variants of the olympic lifts. There’s a little less to coordinate, which may help in its own right.

Do you think Olympic lifters do any of these so-called exercises?

Hey iscariot,
Turkish get-ups, saxon presses, overhead walks while walking in a figure eight pattern with bar or dumbbells, power cleans and power snatches, cuban presses, iron crosses also other core work like planks, side planks, ?ipsilateral holds? (when in push up position left arm and right leg come off the ground extending out and hold for 15 - 30 secs for balance.
Just some thoughts.

Don’t have anything to add to the above (all the suggestions thus far are good), except to welcome iscariot to the “real” world.

Heh heh. :wink: