Strength: A Physical Capacity and a Skill

Strength is both a physical capacity and a skill.

The maximum effort method (95-100% weights) works mostly on your skill to display the strength that you have in a single, all-out effort. But it doesn’t do that much to build strength optimally.

Slightly higher reps per set will give you muscle and neurological stimulation to make it a better overall way to build strength.

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I watched your video a while back about push-pressing the first “rep” of your standing overhead press and only counting your first rep from that starting position at the top instead. I find that OHP singles have a very low recovery cost and it seems to help with that first rep that you said is always harder due to the range of motion. It also makes maintaining tightness way easier (although i guess that comes under the displaying of strength). Do you think singles have value in that regard? I see it as a technique thing rather than “maxing out”.