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strenght training and diet

I need your help guys. I’ve been bulking for 4 months now, i went from 160 pounds with 8% body fat to 180 with 12 % BF in 6 months (naturaly), wich means i had a increase of 13 pounds LBM and 7 pounds of body fat. During most of this time i’ve been training in the range of 6-12 reps, 4 times a week for less than one hour and less than 20 sets. I’m going to start next week a strengh training fase lowering the reps progessivly until i reach the 2-3 reps range.

Now were i need help is in the diet part, during this bulking fase i’ve been eating an isocaloric diet with 3700 cals a day. I’ve been told by a trainer at my gym that you dont need as many calories for strenght training as you do for hipertrophy, and that i would have to lower then a lot or i would get fatter. What’s your opinion on this? Do you think it would be ok to go moderatly low carb, like 100 grams a day during these 6 weeks of strenght training and use this period to loose some fat? 12% is a lot of fat for me and as summer is aproaching i need to get reed of it. Do you think my strenght would suffer a lot if i decided to diet during this period?


If I were you I’d only lower my maintenance calories by 500 per day and definitely keep carbs below 100g per day. Also, for training I’d only do one “strength” exercise and then do some kind of circuit type training(kind of like the Westside conjugate method) for the rest of the workout because it’s going to be pretty hard to lose a good amt. of bodyfat while in a strength building phase unless you do a ton of cardio which won’t help your quest for strength either. So you’re kind of in a jam