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Just wondering what people think of the Strend competition. I was looking at the Canadian results and a guy about my size ( 5’6 5’7 about 155lbs ) benched his weight 31 times, did 22 or so pullups in a row, pressed 50% of his bodyweight 39 times and did 17 or 18 chinups in a row as well. Except for the obvious lack of attention given to legs as well as full body lifts, the upper body work seems impressive. I know its high rep, but it still seems like it would get someone into pretty immpressive shape from an upper body point of view. Thoughts?

I have been watching the Strend competitions for a short time. I greatly admire their athletes.

Anyone who thinks that what they do is easy is mistaken! In fact, what they do seems more practical to me than what powerlifters do, for example. Not that anyone Powerlifts to be practical. However, when you look at most “muscle work” in life, it is not a one rep event.

Shoveling, moving boxes, climbing, grappling etc. being able to move your body for higher reps is a great advantage in real life situations.

With that said I still do not train in Strend fashion, but have used some of their concepts with great reward!

what are strend concepts? i’d ask one of the founders of strend, he actually lives here in Hawai’i, but I think he’s still serving a contract out in Iraq.