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Streetfighting Tips


Just came across this site. Ignore the workout advice if you like, but it looks like once a month this guy puts tips up on streetfighting that are very useful.

One I read was on the hockey clinch, another was about types of sucker punches... most of the crap he's talking about I've either used or seen used in real fights, so I figured I'd share.


I found this site through Blackwater's weekley email newsletter. I strongly suggest everyone interested in self-defense to subscribe to this.



Good stuff. Thanks for the link.....no homo.


Cool site but I wasn't all that impressed with the clinch. first off, i don't recall ever seeing two guys clinch outside of a wrestling match, or a hockey fight. Secondly, why not knee him in the balls and strike the throat? Then you don't have to hang on to him. You won't control him for long like that anyway unless he is a complete fish.

I don't know, might be cool for fight scene in a movie? Plus the old tried and true "kick in balls, punch in the throat, and run" technique probably doesn't sell books or videos.


Why no homo?

pretty interesting link..
Irish thanks


I've done that move against someone who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. People who don't know what they are doing will tend to (in my experience) throw a wild roundhouse right, and follow it up by trying to tackle their opponent.

It worked well for me- pulling the hood over the guy's head and punching to the back of the head and neck. Keeps them massively off balance so they can't hit back, hurts like a motherfucker, and they waste a TON of energy trying to stand back up

Kneeing to the balls is vastly overrated in my book. Most guys expect that. But in that situation you could.

As far as striking to the- people talk about throat shots like they're nothing, until they're up on the stand for murder or manslaughter. You stay away from the throat unless it's combat.

You can never tell what your situation will be. If you are in the position where you can use this, it's good to know. As I said before, I've used it but kind of forgot about it... it was like a light bulb moment when I saw it on that site.


i've got plenty of homo right here....


seriously though, cool links irish


Interesting video, I just hate martial arts demo's where they just let the guy do anything. When the bigger guy is clinching around his neck he's like "Just get your arm under here, and ta da!" basically. With the bigger guy not resisting. If the bigger guy has a dirty boxing clinch, good luck.


Here's another one I found- old style combatives from the WWII era. You can download the classic, "Kill or Be KIlled" from Rex Applegate here, along with some other interesting shit.

Military stuff is good, simple shit that's easy to learn... that's why I like it.



For some reason clicking that link causes my browser (firefox or IE) to close. Help?


Interesting- didn't open for me either.

Try this. http://gutterfighting.org/


Hm...i should have thought of that.
However, that page opens but when i click the skull everything closes again.
Anyone else getting this?


Hmm.. .I don't know man. It opens up fine for me now..


What happened to shooting people in the back? That always works for me.


Are you using a home computer? I would have thought that work computers would probably nerf this. Although mine doesn't.