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StreetFighter Group Pose Pic?


I'm trying to find a screenshot of the end of street fighter II when every fighter is facing the screen and they do their finishing pose.

yes i know at the end of the original movie they do the same thing, however i'm looking for the shot from the video game.

i'd love you guys forever


why not download a ROM and just do a screencap?


That sounds like a lot of work, but that's just me


Is it this one?


This one?


I've already got the ROM and wouldn't mind playing a little SF2... Mac, give me a little time and I'll get you a screencap.

Cuz I'm a nice guy and all.



Like this sort of kind of?


beggers cant be choosers lol


OK, damn it, I just played through SF2 (Vega is a cheap fucking little prick), and no pic... is it maybe SF2 CE or Turbo??


At one minute and five seconds is probably what Mac is looking for.


i think SF II turbo?

first off, how the FUCK did you guys find those, i def put in a solid 15-20min of fruitless searching b4 i came on here.

secondly - YEAH! that's what i'm talking about. except the one i remember had chung li jumping in the air with both feet

i also think it has to do with the difficulty setting of the game.

Norwell Bob, you are a gentleman and a scholar. You definatly have a IOU from holymac.

FUCK you guys are cool. I really appriciate it! thanks so much!


if i was a chick i'd so do you right now.


not to nitpick, but i was thinking about the scene w/o t-hawk, the blonde chick, ect.

the original? fuck i dunno.

but yeah, thats what i had in mind wolberret. you're fucking cool.

FWIW, anyone else that helped out is cool as fuck. IOU


A google image search on "Street Fighter 2 group"


I definitely would have banged Chun Li.


Maybe I'll play through that next and try to capture you a nice clean shot of it.

No IOU necessary... your sincere gratitude was payment enough. If I ever make it back down to 'Bama, though, we'll have to go beer hunting.


Help me kidnap the girl in your avatar and we're even.

But if its your GF, I'll understand if you don't want to. Just give me the address and a body bag.



come down to bama and you'll have so many girls, you'll need to carry a taser and mace to get out of the state


bama as in alabama?



between no other state ending in 'bama' as well as my location, could you not figure that out on your own?

lol but yeah man, stop by down here and you're more than welcome to come party


Damn straight. And Cammy. I think Chun Li was the first cartoon character I remember having a crush on.