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Street Justice At Its Best


Don't hit females and think you will get away with that shit.



Yeah this is pretty old news. I'm really hoping Roger doesn't get introuble with the law... that curb stomp after he knocked the guy out can definitely be seen as excessive force...


Just a gif I had.....


Street justice by a professional fighter = jail time

Sucks for him... but yeah he'll be going to jail just like that "War Machine" kid from TUF who got in that brawl down in SD


I'm pretty sure War Machine started that brawl on purpose though.


that doesnt really have anything to do with it.

That guy didnt start a fight with Roger in the video... plus the video shows a trained and professional fighter curb stomping some knocked out dudes head.

that = jail time


If you look closely...... Roger isn't the guy who does the curb stomp. Thus: that =/= jail time.




Dang, wonder what she did.


Well, I know. Just saying.


I couldn't find a link worth much of anything. But here's one:


Not sure if he started it or not. Whatever. War Machine is an eternal idiot anyway...


This video is like so last year...

I highly doubt he will get jail time for that, has he even been arrested for it or anything?


Not that I know of.

He did an interview with TMZ some time after it happened though:


Ehh well I just saw it the other day, figured if it was old I bet a lot of people didn't see it anyways.


hahaha of course it happens at Thrusters


That's not him curb stomping the guy. Roger lucked out in the sense:

a) He had a friend to pull him away from the fight.
b) He didn't land a significant strike on camera.
c) Is absent from footage after that brief chase.

I doubt he'd see any charges. The footage shows taking part in a brief scuffle.