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Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat



i wanna see more.


dude, that was great i havent seen that one yet. lmao @ Chunny coming back with ironmans proton cannon from Marvel vs Capcom, and the super cancelling is hilariously real combos.
they have another one on there before this on how and when the portal opened up..featuring sakura, ryu vs baraka and a guest star.


Thanks wufwugy! That was awesome. I loved the trading of strikes and kicks with both of them dodging the others.

I thought there might be a little more reward for Ken at the end though but that's just the voiyer(spelling?) or perv in me.


That was awesome!


At least ken beat raiden... we all saw that comin.

Street figher rules.


got a link?

stuff like this is awesome.


This is another one.



That's a bunch of bullshit. Raiden is the god damn God of thunder and lightning. How the hell does surfer bro-brah Ken beat him?!


WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE?!?! Street Fighter beats Mortal Kombat? Fuck that!


Some trivia for y'all... they got Raiden from one of the characters in " Big Trouble in Little China "


I remember reading that he is based off "Raiden" or "Raijin", the god of thunder and lightning in Japanese mythology. It was said the he maintained his powers by eating children! lol!


this is the one i was talking about
ps MK is for noobs, raidin sucks balls he deserves to die.


Lets not kid ourselves here, we've already come to the conclusion that street fighter rules.


Im sure you are right....ever see Big Trouble? The guy looked just like the Raiden on mortal combat, even had the glowing eyes , chinese hat thing, and very similar white clothes, i think he also had something to do with zapping people if im not mistaken.....peculiar


When was the last Street Fighter game made? Like 93?! Combos wern't even invented by that time! Tekken could kick Street Fighter's ass!


That took some serious talent to make. MAD! THUMBS UP!


The last street fighter was Street fighter III:3rd Strike and it came out in 99-00. When did the last GOOD mortal kombat game come out, 98 with mk4. tekken and all 3d fighters blow, there for button mashing scrubs, except soul caliber


Really. Street FIghter all the way. The original one was just badass.


the original, one player arcade with only ryu? or SF2


Killer Instinct owns all, nuff said!