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Street Fighter IV - It's Okay to Climax, Now.



Seriously? Every time you think the video is done . . . it's not.

Better than EVERY animated SF production to date. And I'm counting the Udon Comics run.


Street Fighter II the animated movie is the best. But this doesn't look bad.


The game's graphic stylization is interesting, but I doubt it can compare to (my favorite) SFIII-Alpha.

Hopefully it will, though. Dudley FTW.


That rose throwing queer. Ryu and Alex is where its at.



That's just an anime cut scene from the game coming up.

A cut-scene.

Next up is a Chun-Li.

Notice how it looked like Gen, Chun-Li's instructor and uber-BAMF from the Alpha series, was the one who orphaned Ryu . . .


First of all, no.

It goes like this.

Gotetsu taught Gouki and Gouken the art of Anastuken. Gouki learned the darkest and most brutal part of the art that neither Gotesu or Gouken endorsed.

They separated and when they all met again, Gotetsu was already dead and Gouken and Gouki fought. Gouki killed Gouken. Gouken is the balding gray haired man.

Gen has nothing to do with Gouken and Gotetsu. He's fought Gouki before and managed to survive the Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon. But I think Gouki killed him the second time they fought...or the illness Gen had killed him.

I'm sorry, but my two favorite things as a kid were Street Fighter and DBZ. And wrestling.


Nooooooo way, man. Ken and Ryu are way overused, and Alex is a badass, but a very cheap badass. I fight with dignity and pride, sir.


"Let's fight like gentlemen"

I like the Dudley character. I just hate it when I caught in a 25 hit combo in the corner by this OCD having bastard I know.


Dude, retcons abound after the SF III: Third Strike "canon." Isn't Vega (M. Bison in the US) supposed to be dead at the end of the original SF II . . . ?

Goutetsu taught the Ansetsuken which emphasized the dark aspects Gouki would take to, and Gouken focused on the style as a protective and introspective tool. Gouki refined the killing and violent aspects, Gouken the defensive applications.

Gouki kills Goutetsu with the Shun Goku Tatsu, the ultimate expression of that killing art. Gouki vs Gouken, 1st time: Gouken spanks his ass. Part two, Gouki kills Gouken.

At some point, before Gouki had reached the same development as Oro from the SF III game, he fought Gen. Gen whomped his ass . . . barely. Second round, Gouki wins, but initially refuses to kill Gen because of his disease. After Gen requests to die, it's presumed Gouki follows through. (incidently, Gen is one of just a few people to survive the Instant Hell Murder attack of the Ansetsuken style; he cleared his mind of evil intention before getting to hell, and was untouched by the demons there.)

The anime cut scene from the Japanese SF IV website hints at Gen, in his "assassin" days, having killed Ryu's village, subsequently landing him in Gouken's care. This also creates a sub-plot with Chun-Li . . . one of the few characters of SF II to make it into the SF III: Third Strike game.

I don't speak Japanese with any familiarity at all, but Gouki, in betwixt bitch-slappings of Ryu in the cutscene, references both Gouken (by way of talking about Ryu's "father,") and the death of his village at the hands of an assassin (we are then shown a younger Gen on the ground, apparently having taken an ass-whooping from Gouken) and Ryu's motivation (I'm not sure about that last part. Might be destiny, or something involving a decision.)

The "canon" for Street Fighter is often times conflicting, especially in releases in the US. We do know now, that as of SF IV, Gouken is alive, as is Vega (M. Bison), Shadaloo is changing from the criminal/military organization into a more . . . SNK genetic-freak, conquer the world in some weird-ass way conglomeration, with a huge hard-on for bio-augmentation.

Best places to get the most up-to-date "canon" are the forums and sites which translate the various Capcom-Japan releases, the Capcom forum itself, and plodding through various interviews with the production teams which get dumped all over the fighting-game forums.

BTW, My Geek Cred > Your Geek Cred :slightly_smiling:



Oh yeah, check out the Final Ryu manga:

Adds many depth to the "shoto" family in the SF legacy.


I think I officially lost this match. I feel like Rocky vs Mr.T in their first fight. Where's Apollo when I need him.



A year and a half as a cripple. I spent that time:

Reading martial arts and weight training books

reading the backstory to every videogame I'd every played

Hanging out with a buxom blonde with whom I never made teh sexy times.




Your reward for knowing as much SF as me, if not more.

And I saw that newgrounds video before. Good stuff, but every SFer should own every MKer.

I wish they would keep Bison/Vega dead. He was hit with the Raging Demon. Bison/Vega was evil as shit and was hit directly with it. Its like kicking Superman in the dick with kryptonite steel toed boots.

SF 4 is before SF 3 though. As stupid as that sounds.


Prequels suck. But, it's supposed to give a reason most of the World Warriors aren't in the Third Strike tourney.

Did you see the video of Seth Killian destroying someone one-handed on an arcade box?


Never heard of the dude, but if he beat someone one handed, that is sad.

Have you seen someone parry all of Chun-li's Super and then come back win. The guy had Ken and has literally no life left in his health bar. SF 3rd strike, of course.


Seth Killian, aka S-Kill, is a legend and works for Capcom. He, with one hand, used either E. Honda or Zangief to bring the pain.

He's the guy the built the SF IV character "Seth" from.


I saw a video of him. I respect his Balrog play.

Here's what I was talking about.


Man you're not lying about the MK thing. I've tried to get into it myself, and even have MK Trilogy for 64, and I find myself not really wanting to ever play it. Killer Instinct Gold, on the other hand, was the shiiit. I digress...



I don't 100% agree w/ the translation, but it gives a slightly better idea of what's going on.

Also, this: