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Street Fighter 4 vs Tekken 6


I'm a avid gamer and I love fighting games and today they just released some footage of a game I seriously never thought would exist. SF vs T6. This has tag style gameplay and looks pretty hot. From what I have read is that both companies will get to make their own version of this game importing characters from the other series into their fighting rules and syste. Check out the vids and enjoy.




Definitely one of the biggest fighting combos ever. Let's hope it lives up to the names.


I'm a huge fan of the tekken series. I'm not of the SF series.

It looks like a huge step back from Tekken five. Gone is the three dimensional movement. I can't speak for controls, but I always liked how a button corresponded to a specific limb. Not sure how that translates.

The dual-character combinations look cool, and the graphics rock, but for me it'll all come down to gameplay, and it looks like they've made it fit in too well with the SF universe for it to really be a good game for me.

But we'll see. I'll check it out a couple or five years down the line.


From what I can see in the vids it's looking pretty nice. I'm really glad to see two strong companies with two kickass products teaming up. Mortal Kombat Vs DC was an instant fail because licensing cost too much and DC wouldn't allow the characters to "Kill" anyone.

Dude, the title said Mortal Kombat........for $65 I should be able to rip anyones head off. I seriously don't think Capcom or Namco are trying to make any mistakes like that. They seriously listen to the people who play the and buy the games and not just from their design teams.

Adding in those 2 games (SF x T6 and T6 x SF), my payout on fighter is going to be around $270 along with Naruto and Marvel vs Capcom 3. I seriously think the fighting genre has returned for a good run.


I know a ton of people are going to be mad about the 2d system BUT..........and this is a huge but, Namco is making their own entirely seperate version of the game in 3D and importing street fighter characters in so we will still have our hardcore side step system and wake up game.

Can't even wait to see Steve Fox vs Barlog or Dudley. This is going to be so sick.


that avatar is mesmerizing. :slight_smile:


didnt u post the same thread 20 mins ago on bb.com??


I'm just happy their bringing back 3rd Strike and hoping people will pick it up again, that was my best and it died while I was overseas.

It seems there's currently 4 games in development:
Capcom vs Namco
Namco vs Capcom
(this isn't at all confusing)
3rd Strike remake

If only they would bring back CvS2 I'd be in business, fuck this Super SF4 crap. So boring.

Do any of you play in tournaments? A few of my friends just got back from Evo, one of them is considered one of the best in the world though he did remarkably bad at Evo this year.


Marvel vs Capcom 3 and now this, the future of my thumb health is looking bleak.




Is that sarcasm?


You're watching the SF4 vs T6 game using the SF4 Engine...I'm sure you wont play that game but you'll play T6 vs SF4 with the Tekken Engine..

I'll stick with SF4 VS T6, I never liked the tekken series.