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street-fight/self-defense courses

After reading that long thread about muslhead’s buddy getting jumped I got interested in some of the street fight techniques you guys were talking about and tries doing some research. I went to the scars website but I couldn’t find any free information, only “pay a shitload of money” advertisements. I also checked out the Israeli stuff and it looked pretty interesting. My question is, does anyone have any good websites that teach the stuff hands down, no b.s.? Also, what’s the best way that I can find out where this is taught in my area.

check out sherdog.com or ironlife.com, both are big MMA sites.

on one of them there is a very good online book re: muay thai.


you cant learn to fight by reading a website. You’ll need live people to spar with and hopefully they’ll all be better fighters than you so you can learn from them.

If you’re looking for the best, go to Tim Larkin, TFT is the name of his system.
Yes, its an ‘expensive’ seminar but if you’re REALLy worried, then how much is your peace of mind (and possibly life!)worth to you?

You ain’t gonna learn sh*t from a website, that’s for sure.

He’s an Ex-navy Seal, great instructor, and all business. However, he teaches deadly techniques to survive…so if you just want to learn how to fight, it may not be for you.

I’ve had a 3 hr seminar with him, and he is a great presenter and teacher.
Plus, he’s endorsed by guys like Matt Furey and Pavel Tsatsouline. That’s mad props, in case you didn’t know. Pavel is an ex-Spetsnaz Commando instructor.

If you want to learn how to fight, my advice: just join a boxing gym and learn how to throw a punch, then how to throw it quicker, and then how to throw it in combinations. That’ll do the trick for 99% of all the people you may run into. And that last 1%, you should be smart enough to recognize the threat and defuse it before it escalates.

UNLESS you want to live a martial arts lifestyle and make MA instruction a regular part of your life. Nothing wrong with that either!

Don’t be cheap… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was sparring last night and came pretty close to getting knocked the fuck out. On the plus side, I’m getting way better at taking punches.

I understand that one must apply the skills in actual sparring- hence my question about where I could find stuff like that in my area.

I agree with Sonny. Invest in one of Tim Larkin’s seminars.

I’ve heard that they are the best around and teach you real street fighting/defense.

One of these days, I’ll take one!


Look in your local phone book under “Martial Arts”.
You can also check out some of the Mixed MArtial Arts forums and ask people if they can recommend any good schools in your area. A few off the top of my head are…



I’ve been in several scraps, back in the day, and no advice I’ve seen will equal what you’ll find on


I know it seems crazy, but, just crazy enough that it just might be what you 're looking for.

I gotta agree with FrontFaceLock…his first post here…I started with a few friends who were very patient and we all trusted each other. They all knew how to street fight and once you learn how the average punk fights you can recognize it before they actually do the action…

Sure, this is kinda renagade (please forgive the terminology) training (you’ll get a few bruises and blookey nose/lips, etc), but it’s a great way to learn the way of the streets…

Oh yeah, as stated…have multiple people if possible…so you don’t get used to only one persons way of fighting…

Okay…this one is kinda controversial, but shadowbox after a while of training…but the catch is that “Mr. Shadow Punk” is better than you…always blocking/dodging/countering your stuff…doesn’t help with getting tough/taking a blow (cause in a fight, you’re BOUND to get hit…it’s a simple fact), but it WILL help regardless…



but he’s gotta learn to fly ALL the time! or stab.