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'Street Drugs'


I recently went out for a steak with a friend of mine who is currently in his 12 weeks of contest preparation in which he hopes to earn his pro card - now this guy is fantastic, around 275 at the moment 6% bodyfat.

We was talking about how things were going and he was asking my advice, mainly nutritional to be honest on dropping more fat as he was beginning to struggle to get below 6% without losing his size - this is his first time you see. Anyway the evening progressed and he was becoming more and more anxious, every time a woman walked past us he would be sucking his stomach and sticking his chest out yet trying not to be see at the same time.

We went back to his place with his girl and i had a cup of tea while he drank water.

He then proceeded to pull out a bag of speed (amphetamine) and rub a rather large amount of it on his gums, i asked him what the fuck he was doing and he explained that it was for fat loss and not to lecture him about it 'every one is doing it'.

Now, i understand, sympathise and participate in PED use but Speed, and around the contest he has vodka and Cocaine??
What the fuck?
Yes, it may have been my naievety (spelling?) but i walked out of his house pissed and slightly upset i guess.

I just wanted to know if i am th oddball here and would like the consenus of things from you guys who i consider my peers and superiors.

I do not drink alcohol
I do not take 'street drugs'

I am not dissing anyone who does but i guess i just thought that if we were so careful with how we use aas and how we eat and train and look after our cardiovascular health we would not do this? Maybe i have just taken the media lines on such things the same way others do on steroids.

Thanks in advance for your experiences and responses.


Maybe this will clear something up for you...

If "everyone is doing it," then why would he have to inform you of it? If "everyone is doing it," then it would be relatively common knowledge, right?

Generally, things like this are not common practice.... and the above is simply used as an excuse to attempt justifying it.



i have heard a few times about bodybuilders using cocaine as a stimulant in the gym and i suppose it makes sense but i have never tried it and dont plan too. I also cannot imagine drinking any type of alcohol during precontest, that must feel awful. I dont really have much experience to offer but i do smoke weed pretty much everyday. Usually before i workout and then later on in the night. It helps me focus in the gym as bad as that sounds.

Dont flame me for it, my friends dont understand how it does and neither do i but it is what it is. And as far as weed being bad for u, i dont buy in to that, especially since i use a vaporizer most of the time. anyway hope that helps and gl to your friend.


Pff. Cocaine is actually bad for you, so your friend is a moron. Chemical dependence is no fun.


thanks for the responses guys,

World, this was my line of thinking so i appreciate the confirmation or what hae you.

Dave1188, though i cannot see the benefits as you say if it works for you and know not judging you mate, i just wanted to get a clearer picture of things in general.

Mak, i had thought this, having seen pictures and read story of collapsed nasal septums and the collaboration of crime to fund such habits i can see no health benefits to cocaine.

I have however heard before of vodka being used maybe as a diueretic pre-contest but i do not understand this nor really wish to as im not a competitive bodybuilder.

Thanks for the comments guys



I had not heard of this, but even then I would strongly recommend against anything that would form a physiological addiction. Hence the reason why I see nothing wrong with drugs like AAS or even Marijuana.

Good to see you did the research first, too.


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I've never heard this before... you got a link I can read from?


I have know many many many bodybuilders who do drugs - usually cocaine. Usually they did coke before steroids.

It is actually rife. But you have to travel in certain circles for you to see it/find out.

Speed is one of the most catabolic drugs around, and will eat up his muscle quick as lightning unless he is on enormous amounts of anabolics.

I used to do many many drugs, and i am a firm believer of bodybuilders not doing drugs - in them not really drinking either. I have met many bodybuilders (when i say bodybuilders i mean 220-240lbs and 6-8%) who smoke cigarettes too.. i bet alot here do too..

people who dont do drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth and the pills, vicoden, oxy and benzos - they simply do not realize how rife their use is in all walks of life.




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As if some random quote from someone you have never heard of will satisfy your query?

Well i can tell you not only from personal experience, but also from the experiences of many acquaintances i have spoken with on the subject.

Cocaine is actually tough to get addicted to. It takes awhile,
and it takes a certain lack of "trying not to" get addicted!
And it can happen to some, but not all. You cannot do it just by using it every weekend. While that will become a habit that is particularly difficult to break, you are unlikely to suffer many negative problems from using on a Friday night only. Other than personality issues. A large percentage of 21-40 year olds use coke in such a way.

It will however creep up on you. So at first you will use it when you go to a club.. then after a few months you may use it whenever you go out for a real sssion, then whenever you drink on the weekends, then whenever you drink... see where i am going here. This does not happen to 100% who use coke regularly, there has to be a cerain "weakness" in someone to allow addiction to cocaine to follow. And it does not happen over a 6 month peroid, often over a 1-5 year period.
Anyone on the planet, if given Heroin over an extended period over 1 month daily will become addicted however.

Cocaine is hard to get addicted to in that it isnt physical addiction, so during the above, long process of addiction, you are aware you are using too much and you may cut back.
Some don't however - those with other issues, a cheap source, or addictive personalities.
But once you do, god help you - as it is simply YOU that will not choose to help. That is a catch 22 situation that is truly the pits.

I have run into trouble with this drug on more than one occassion, most drugs actually. And no, it isnt nice. You think it is fun, that you are cool, liked and respected. The opposite is actually true. Truthfully, i now pay the price of my addictions in more way than one - every single day of my life, and i will until i die.

If one can take it or leave it - more power to you, i don't see anything ethically wrong with taking any external substance for any reason. It is our nature, whether chemical or not. But some people cannot be allowed to use certain drugs/chemicals.

For some reason some of you MAY think that taking testosterone is different to any other drug - why? because it is made in the body? The AAS we take ARE NOT made in the body! It is to produce an effect that is supraphysiological. Something outside of the capabilities of our normal body chemistry. Something "more".

Addiction is a very complex subject, but while it isn't a disease, once achieved it is something that will never let go - through years of effort, sobriety and determination it remains there. It is akin to a dormant cancer, a dormant disease but is wrongly likened to one. That is more of a simile than a label.

There you go. Dont take drugs kids!



ABOLUTELY. Those who say AAS are different from "street" drugs or pharms are mistaken. They are identical. They are drugs. A drug is a word, a specific term to describe a certain chemical action on the human physiology.

I and many AAS users admit to the addictive properties of these drugs.. is it addictive to be able to grow muscle, to feel so naturally confident, strong, attractive to the opposite sex, to feel so "MALE" to feel so alpha? Not at all.. hate every second.. i would never do it more than once - and only for purely medical reasons.

Even men PRESCRIBED TRT often end up "abusing" it by adding doses and other compounds! It is akin to a pain patient buying extra pills or even H off the street.

How many TRT patients know a guy that provides black market steroids?!

Peoples naivety and denial is truly astounding - whats more i know this post will attract a few angry words from some other posters who claim "i aint no druggie.. it is totally different"
Well you believe what you will, all i know is my eyes are open. And my judgement is elsewhere.



I was under the impression that the addiction was simply a psychological issue stemming from the fact that most juicers simply don't like seeing their gains disappear? I realize it won't be as clear cut as that, but is that not the gist of it?

I've read before that the addiction is psychological rather than physiological.

At any rate, my adverse attitude toward drug use is based on long term negative side effects.


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Funny how most people who are OK with AAS use think that way. Myself included. It's a shame we live in a culture that abhors personal responsibility.


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Couple problems with coke:
A. Definitely cut to shit, a guy I used to stay close too had a buddy die from a line cut with a fiberglass containing cutting agent.

B. Addiction definitely 'creeps' up on you. Meaning, it happens and you virtually don't realize it. My cousin, a teenager in the early-mid 80s (still the coke boom in the states mind you) started experimenting, alot. Problem is, back then alot of it WAS good stuff cuz it was still makin' its way across the border till the end 80s and was very very popular.

George Jung and Pablo Escobar were churning out tons and tons of coke until the latish 80s. So, all that for history's sake, she deffinitely became addicted. Then good coke went to shit, crack became and alternative...with no money and a drug addiction comes prostitution.

Fast forward to now. She's had 4 husbands, just recently had her 4th child. (Split among 3 husbands) One child, technically my second cousin I guess, is severely retarded as her mother used coke/crack throughout the pregnancy. She's been in and out of rehab. Relapsed again less than a year ago. 2+ decades she's been caught up in a living hell, a spiral.

But she was addicted and also has the addictive personality.

I say all that too say, tread lightly on street drugs, particularly if you have the personality, and you know if you do. I for one do, thats why I now stay far away from street drugs. I'm not preaching, its just kinda like Joe said...once that shit catches up with you and sneaks up on you...God help you.


Guess i opened up a can of worms with this one but i dont care because this has turned into one of the most educative threads we've seen in a while so thankyou guys.

Just to clarify somethings though so im not seen to be coming off as a holier than thou asshole, i was not condemning the use of 'street' drugs (i used the word street for lack of a better word) more just curious as to there place in the life of a BB/PL.

Thanks for all your responses guys though much appreciated.


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I'll chip in with personal experience.

Back in my younger years I was what you may describe as a 'pillhead' I would take anything and everything and I was regularly into coke, speed, E and weed.

Nowadays I do not drink, smoke or use 'street drugs' but if the situation was right I would not be against having a little sniff of coke if I was offered some quality stuff. The last time I used anything like this was a few years ago and I used to take speed and or coke before playing rugby I stopped using it socially a long time ago.

As for AAS use I have to say there is a definite addiction there, it is not of the physical craving type of addiction like you may experience with other substances but a definite compulsion to use.

I have had a few shitty periods coming off cycles where my PCT or taper has not worked as well as I would have hoped and I think it is a fear of going through that and losing gains that keeps me on permanent TRT bridging cycles. I also enjoy being on, I am a different person that is happier, stronger and more confident when on, and those feelings themselves can be very addictive.

EDIT I have just realised it is only fair to mention that I am addicted to ephedrine, old habits eh