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streching for tight hip flexors

Hi to all. Increasingly I am finding my hip flexors are becoming very stiff and I feel that stiffness and discomfort now when I walk. Regretably, for years I never paid attention to stretching when I worked out, and it is now catching up with me big time.
I am committed to working on my hip flexors now, and need to find some good exercies to do. CAn anyone lead me to some web sites/diagrams that can show me some streches. Also, how often should I be stretching to restore flexibility? Thanks to all. Appreciate the help.

I will post the basic hip flexor stretch in the photos section since it doesn’t seem we can post any here. Make sure to keep the chest up, the hands off the knees and don’t lean forward. Instead, let the hips sink down and don’t forget to exhale forcefully to relax deeper into the stretch.

Hope this helps.

Mike Robertson

Sorry about posting under this topic, but I need exercises to strengthen my hips. I?ve done abductions with bands and machines. Any good tips?

I USED TO HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. here’s how I fixed it in 6 months. MikeRob022 is correct, do that stretch whenever you have free time. second, you need to start deadlifting and completely stop squating or deadlift twice as often as you squat. It could actually be that your lower back is too tight and your hamstrings are too weak. this can literally pull your pelvis making it seem like your hip flexors are the problem. Stretch your lower back alot, look for some old ian king articles on stretching. I stretched at least 3 times a day for 15 minutes focusing on the ‘pelvic 4’ abdominals, hip flexors, hammies, psoas/lower back. If you have any questions just ask or PM me. FYI, when the problem was at its worst i was unable to stand up without immediate crams in my hip flexors.


does anyone have any good lower back stretches. I have tried some, but my back is so tight after some lower body days.