Streches/Training for Achilles Tendinitis?

like the title says I am looking for some stretches and strength training to do. I have not been officially diagnosed but i have a appointment with a Physical Therapist and was just trying to do some research on it thanks in advance.

There are plenty of sites on the internet with this information.
I would be very wary of a physical therapist who uses TENS and ultrasound. There are good therapists and poor ones, it the majority of the treatment is on machines then you have picked a dud.

Tip look up eccentric exercises for achillies tendinitis or achillies tendinopathies and go in armed with some information.

Agree with Mr. Stern…

If your PT pulls out a machine, remember its just as effective unplugged as it is plugged in. If your PT works in a private practice or for a physician, he/she will more likely use these interventions because they are easy billing units. Respectfully ask for a good randomized control trial or systematic review to support these. If they cannot recite the name of the author, journal, date of the article, move on.

Your checkbook will thank you…