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Strech Marks

Hey there guys, how’s the new year treating you?

I’m having a problem with stech marks. I took two weeks off training during the christmas season and suddenly I started to get a small strech mark near my armpit. Looking at it now, it looks like it is getting worse.

First question is how is it that I am gettin stech marks now when I am not working out for such a long period of time.

Second, is there any suplements that I could take to precent further strechmarks. I read on the internet that you could take vitamins supliments to help prevent them… also I read that Essential Fatty Acids help prevent them aswell.

Anyway, fill me in. I dont want to get any more of these hideous marks.


Yeah, fats will keep your skin relatively elastic. Also, cocoa butter tends to help.

As for how you got them whilst not working out, I dont know. Perhaps you were overtraining, and now your body was able to grow was the extra rest. Or, maybe you’re getting fat.

You have got to be kidding… You have one little measly stretch mark…which of course did not suddenly appear over nite for god sakes!

Your skin stretched either because you lost some fat and now it just shows or you gained mucle mass over a period of time and now it just shows.

They do not go away, learn to live with it you may have more or not depends on your skins elasticity. We have no control over this matter…some get them others don’t. They will however turn white over time and be less visible.

Now, grow up!

as someone who once fell for the “hardgainer” gimmic, I take pride in the stretch marks covering my legs :wink:

Wear em’ like a badge. If you had the right mentality, you’d be bragging about them.

I Agree with all the people above me…that means you have gained significant muscle mass over a short amount of time…niiiiiiiicee…

You should look into changing your periodization or diet a bit if taking two weeks off helped that much.

I got some nasty ones on my arms when I started to work out. I’ve also got some fresh ones above my armpits after doing the HSS-100 chest spec. I definitely welcome any sign of growth.

Strech marks occur when the fibroblasts in your skin revert to a “quiescent” state - i.e. they become dormant and do not synthesise collagen as much as they should. This givers rise to the different skin texture and decreased elasticity, and later, scarring.

There are several treatments. The best is prevention. Adequate dietary fats, Vitamin C, A, E and anti-oxidants will help. Also, using a non-polar body wash (shower milk or something similar) will help prevent stripping of essential oils from the skin and a good emolient will help retain moisture.

Once they occur, various treatments can be used. The most expensive would be some sort of laser work (be careful, a lot of laser practitioners are hippie-scientist charletans). The next most expencive will be an acid peel which you will also have to have done to you.

From a DIY perspective, the only clinically effective treatments are retinoids (Tretionin 10% is the most widely studied and used - can be bought as Retin-A, Ilotycin and a handful of generics). Application of Vitamin E and C have shown promise. Generally a reduction in appearance is achieved but not complete clearing.

IGF1 has also been rumoured to cause general skin repair and may hold a great deal of promise. However, it is a risky drug and is one of the more dangerous BB associated pharmaceuticals.

In due course I will be embarking on my own programme to cure my stretch marks. I will be using Tretinoin, Vit C, Vit E with some sort of transdermal transport mechanism (probably DMSO) and IGF1 administered at low-doses. Will make a post when I am done.

Hum, thanks for all the information. The soap that I am currently using really dry’s out my skin. Maybe this could be part of the reason. In any case, thanks for all the replie…