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Strech Marks

I’ve recently come down a lot of weight (336-208) and as such have a bit of loose skin and stretch marks. Now, as i’m sure many of you for whatever reason struggle with these, and have tried products to get rid. I tried Bio-Oil, found it did nothing, except make me a little greasy, normal body moisturiser didnt really help.

Anyway I was down at the gym the other day, heard two guys talking about it and was recommended Palmers Cocoa Butter cream, the one especially formulated for stretch marks. Fuck me, what a difference. The ones on my arms are barely noticeable, the ones on my sides and stomach are getting there, no real help on the loose skin on the front, but i’ve only been using it for 3-4 days.

Not sure if it’s available in the US, but it’s definately available here in the UK. Thought this might be useful to some of you, if not, then looks like i’ve wasted your time.

Have you tried getting a tan? I mean from the real sun (although maybe a bed would work). I noticed a real decrease in the notability of my stretchmarks once my skin color was a little darker.

That in combination with keeping the skin moist has lead to an alright decrease in the formations of new ones too.

I havent yet, i’m still a few lbs away from ‘tanning condition’ - want to get there soon though to enjoy the summer.

i use the same Cocoa Butter cream and it works magic on stretch marks.

Ive heard putting on the same lotion your using, and tight under armor will help, not sure if its true though.

I heard it puts the lotion on the skin…


[quote]Otep wrote:
I heard it puts the lotion on the skin…


not the hose?

What are you suggesting has happened in 3-4 days? Even if cocoa butter were capable of adding collagin where there is none - which it isn’t - even a scratch takes longer than that to heal. Is it the coloring that’s changed?

Yeah the darkness/redness is much reduced. The damage is still there, just not as visible. The ones on my belly area are still terrible, but they are proper indents, something I think i’m stuck with for a while, maybe forever unless I get surgery.