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Strech Marks from Working Out

Okay T-Nation community,

Been powerlifting for a solid 3 years, have done a few contests, placed well, etc. So here’s the thing. I have noticed some nasty stretch marks in my arm pits (both) and they have started to work their way down my biceps. Now I have asked my trainer about this but he’s very old school saying, “They are nothing, you don’t even move that much weight” now no disrespect to him but I think I know stretch marks when I see them. So the following:

  1. Stretch Marks, good sign of bad sign? Sign of progress, or over training?
  2. What’s a good remedy? Currently using some stretch mark cream i bought at a pharmacy.

I can post pics if anyone needs to see physical evidence. But let me know.

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  2. Sign of progress, everyone big has them, it means you’re growing faster than your skin can stretch. Also it depends on the person and their skin. I have them from gaining only 30lbs in a year and I’m only 150 and 15.
  3. There’s not really a remedy for them, they fade to white over time, although i have heard zinc works, but haven’t tried this for myself

vitamin E oil, ask any pregnant or woman with children and she will tell you its all about the vit E oil.

i love my stretch marks around my armpits and lats

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
i love my stretch marks around my armpits and lats[/quote]

Ya well I hate mine, so much for embracing them

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
i love my stretch marks around my armpits and lats[/quote]


But since this is a bodybuilding site, let’s help out the pretty boys with their “problem”:

What a quick search brings up it that THIS and THAT oil/herb blah blah will help, so the bottom line is get any fat-based product (aloe vera is cheap) and just slather it on several times a day.

They fade over time and become almost invisible unless inspected closely. I got some on my biceps from when I was 16ish, didn’t even train then, so most likely I just got them from growing.

But I’m excited, as of recently, I’ve been getting some on my front shoulder/pec (the area it meets).

There really is no way to permanently erase them, so I’ve learned to embrace them.

Youre young I assume?

I added a half inch to my arm to go from 16.75 -> 17.25 in less than a year while gaining about 10 pounds (so a good amount of arm growth). The stretch marks were like a spider web on the inside of my arms bright red. Now my arms are a bit bigger and the marks are faded for the most part.

You cant get rid of them. They will always look like scars. Some people are more prone to them than others. Has to do with collagen and other things.

Stretch mark creams are a scam to profit off women who think theyre ugly when they get pregnant.

Get a tan, they wont be as noticeable.

Deal with it or stop lifting.