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Streaming Sound

Tech question for you guys, I’d like my home audio system (sound bar) to be the output for the sound of my laptop and to set that up wirelessly.

My sound bar as no built-in function for this, so are there any device that exist to make this happen? I’d like by laptop to automatically stream its audio output the my sound bar when it’s turned on.

I don’t want to plug my laptop directly into the sound bar because I dont like having too much wires around, it’s quite big and heavy enough as it is.

I don’t want to stream music only through my TV/blue-ray device either, as I want other sounds than music to be played to my sound bar (like video game sounds)

Lap top is recent (2½ years old), running windows 7. Wireless router is the best in-class and recent (http://reviews.cnet.com/routers/linksys-ea6500-hd-video/4505-3319_7-35441764.html). Sound bar. Sound bar is a Bose CineMate 1 SR, but as I mentionned, there’s no built-in feature for that :frowning:

ANy help is appreciated. Sorry, for the errors in text, English is not my first language.

Sound bar have blue-tooth along with your computer?