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My balls are itchy, all sweaty, the sun oh the sun so freaking hot but that chick is fuckin hot I wanna nail her but uh my jock is sweaty I mean god damn I'm walking funny because of the sweat damn sweat ah fuck it I'm going to sleep.

Your turn.


Yes, those sweaty ball can sure ruin one's day


im hungry




There's an epic time-warp and wizardry about in this thread.


Who would have thought that crazy tiger has a fan club?!?!?


Shawty Lo sucks I don't know why I have him playing right now, I'm bored, I'm probably going to go watch Salvation tonight.


If I could choose to bust my nut on the girl's back or front, I'd probably choose back so that I don't get any on me. Just sayin...


true story

I was wasted friday night/saturday morning partying for my boy 21st

my chick wanted to leave but i was too drunk to drive

well my crew loaded me into my hearse ( shotgun) while my girl drove from Kent Ohio to Toledo

about halfway through the ride home I pulled my dick out and started jackin off in the car. whats weird is the fact that I was totally blacked out when I did it. My girl says I kept saying p p p p p pokerface

it lasted for most of the trip home and when we finally got to toledo, I came all over my dashboard

and said JUST DANCE da da du du JUST DANCE

so my girl left my cum covered body sprawled out in my hearse with my ipod on a lady gaga mix

she has a video of this and she's showin it to everyone


i have nothing better to do right now.

infinity can not exist because you can only break something down so far therefore you can only build something so much ...i think gravity has something to do with it too


I ran into my ex-girlfriend yesterday...

...then, I backed up the car and ran into her again. I miss her sometimes.

  • Jeff Ross


link to video or it didn't happen


No, no... that's quite alright, no video required.




i have a sneaking suspicion that a majority of rock's shananings are made up


Ok, you watch it and report back then.


I always enjoy your posts. Hehehe that made me chuckle.

I'm farting dead babies every 10 minutes and I need to shag but got no woman and am full of assignments I'm tired and started to cut down fuckin epehedrine keeping me goin but I must drink more water am not shaky tough but ah well screw it I'll continue mah shit then Jerkitov (TM) then maybe sleep and scratch my balls while watching an episode of scrubs of comedy central damn I need to cut ah well might as well fart a little more prolly got 1/2 BW of gas in mah intestines you still reading this? Dude...


This is true, according to Hawking. By measuring the constant microwave radiation around us, as well as concentrations of certain elements in the known universe, scientists can determine it's been ~14.5 billion years since the Big Bang...Logically, if there is a beginning, there must be an end. That brings up the question of expansion, since the universe could either be expanding at a constant or exponential rate.

What will happen after the expansion? Will the universe "rubber band" back to a singularity, or continue to expand until everything is so far apart that no new stars can even form? What will happen if that is the case?

Yes, I do actually wonder this.







no one with an interesting life posts as frequently as he does.