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Strawberry Letter 23


Way to ruin a beautiful song, Akon.


My day is fucked now. Why would Akon think he has the voice for this song or even a tenth of chill factor that it takes to sing it? Do his fans even recognize the song? I barely did and I have listened to the original regularly since birth. And that's not even saying
"he made it his own" he just wrecked it!

Is fuckin' Genuwine going to start in on Smokie Robinson or TPain taking over Marvin Gaye.....better yet, just have Lil Wayne do a Best of Motown!


Ha!So true.

Incidentally, the original version gets regular play in my iTunes rotation.
Brothers Johnson FTW.


lol, man, I wish I had the chance to witness Motown and Funk first hand.

This song has, at times, been on repeat for those wrestling bodybag runs.


Tevin Campbell already ruined this song 20 years ago.


Nice blast from the past Rocky. Now I have to listen to the remake to see how bad it is.



close your eyes and listen to Akon, doesn't he sound like a Mexican farmer stereotype?

I want him to sing "We don't need no stinkin badges!"


Look on the bright side, maybe people who otherwise wouldn't will now seek out the original. Yeah it's tough to listen to, but at least Shuggie Otis might get some props out of it.