Strawberry Grow! Reviews

Anyone try it yet?
What’s the review on the taste?

It smells/tastes great, it reminds me of Frankenberry cereal.

Buy some.

I like it alot…I would say I like it better than the vanilla but not quite as well as the chocolate.The thing I noticed is that its maybe a little more bland in taste than the other two.Still I’ll keep ordering it for a switch up every once in a while when I get tired of chocolate.

I think it tastes and smells very similar to strawberry ice cream.

I was skeptical about strawberry, but gave it a shot because it’s Biotest.

It’s great!

I’ll have another!

The smell is great, and the taste is a little understated. I think that’s a good think, because too much fakey-strawberry flavor ruins a shake. Biotest’s gives a hint of strawberry, without gagging you with it.

I got my order yesterday, and have had two shakes since then, mixed with just water. I would have to say that Strawberry if my new favorite Grow! flavor. Is this because I’ve been drinking vanilla and chocolate for so long that anything different would become my new favorite? How the hell should I know, I’m not a psychologist. But honestly, I don’t think so. I’d have to say that it’s the best tasting protein powder that I’ve eaten to date. Can’t wait to try the peanut butter Grow! bars.

Strawberry get’s my vote for best Grow! flavor as well. Looking forward to experimenting with it.


I dont usually like strawberry flavors, I think I will buy & try this anyways. Im not a fan of Vanilla Low-Carb Grow! - although I do use it to take a break from chocolate. Everything Ive ever tried to make with vanilla comes out bleh (except oatmeal + vanilla which takes like cake icing MMM) unless I mix it with Chocolate Low-Carb Grow! lol.

I keep a tub of chocolate and a tub of strawberry handy at all times. Since its arrival, I have only reached for the strawberry.

Just had my first Strawberry Low-Carb Grow! shake tonight, and let me tell you: de-licious!

I love that it’s not overwhelming, nor too subtle, but just right. Awesome job as usual, Biotest!

I’m usually not a fan of artificial strawberry flavors, but this stuff is great!

It certainly will always have a nice little spot on my supplement shelf from now on. . .

I’ll have to try it. No company has ever made a good tasting strawberry. If it’s true then it’s a miracle…if not I’ll hunt you all down.

I received my strawberry Low-Carb Grow! today and I love it even more than the chocolate. Vanilla’s still my favorite, but I’ll be drinking the stawberry at least once a day.

Nice work Biotest to come through with another winner. Did I mention how much I love the Grow! bars too?

1 scoop of chocolate and about a half of scoop of strawberry tastes very similar to neopolitan ice cream. Delicious!

i love it got my first bottle last week, to me tastes much better than the chocolate or Vanilla, and i usually just hate most anything strawberry, protein shakes had bad experience with them many times before, I work in corporate health, was funny my boss even came up to me asked me what i just ate, smelled so good people keep saying that could smell it even after i drank it, really good stuff

Had my first one last night. The first couple of mouthfuls were unimpressive, but as I finished the shake, I started to like it better. The one I had about 5 minutes ago was phenomenal.

Well I guess I’ll be putting in my order now. thanks

I like it. If you are following Berardi’s diet plan and mix Grow! with whole milk yogurt at night, the strawberry is a much more “normal” yogurt flavor than chocolate.

I tried some of the new Strawberry Grow! a friend bought, and I was kind of let down. Definitely didn’t enjoy the taste.

All I can say is 'Wow!"

This strawberry is better than expected.

It’s incredible by itself with water and when mixed with yogurt.

Thanks Biotest!

I agree with kevink, great stuff!

Of course it’s good on it’s own… the statement that it’s a hint of StrawBarry (reaching too far?) flavor without knocking you out is also accurate.


[quote]kevink00 wrote:
1 scoop of chocolate and about a half of scoop of strawberry tastes very similar to neopolitan ice cream. Delicious![/quote]