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Strawberry Grow! and Grow! Bars

Okay Biotest, I just got my student refund in the mail today. Now I’ve been having wet dreams about all the shit I’m gonna order from you guys when this thing comes in and it finally has.

So my question is, how long will it take before the Strawberry LC Grow! and the Grow! bars are available? I want to order both when they’re available but I don’t know if I should wait until they’re available and then I’ll make one super HYOOGE order or if I should order a little bit now and then order that stuff when it becomes available. Let me know. I need dates, dammit, DATES!

Just send 'em the whole check and I bet you’ll get yours first.

seriouslyt… I order Fruit Punch protein from anoher site, it taste really good. I’m VERY interested in strawberry Grow!.. Get that sh!t cranking man