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Strawberries and Calories-how much

I can’t figuer it out!
My nutrition book says “1 Strawberry has 10 carbs and 40 calories”
Another source (THE LABEL) says 6-9 Strawberry’s make up the 40-45 calories!
WHICH IS IT? I am trying to get lean and 10 to 40G of carbs is a BIG difference!!!

Actually, I think your book has a typo. It is one cup of strawberries that has 10 carbs and 40 something calories. If you want an easier way to keep up with what you eat, go to the innovativelogic web site and download crosstrainerII. You can get it free for a month, and then it’s cheap to buy anyway. You tell the program what you ate, it will tell you the nutritional profile.

gotta second ironbabes recommendation. crosstrainer II is a very good program. I did a review of it for one of my classes. it covers nutrition, training, crosstraining, aerobic training, etc

Ironbabe-When you get on the site how do you get the one month free. I messed around for ever and couldn’t figure it out.

Just download the full version. When you decide to buy it you can call them and get a code to register it.

your nutrition book likely reads “1 serving” of strawberries - suggestion: read more carefully.

actually there are many free services on the internet that will log your daily food intake and break down the nutritional content … you can find these websites by doing a web search for nutrition and diet