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hey, i’ve recently been diagnosed with ADD, and was prescribed Strattera. i know that it aids in the uptake of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, but does anyone have much experience with it, and what to expect?


Hey Cyco,

I do not have any experience with Stratterra or other ADD meds, but for a while I was on Lithium, benzos, Zoloft, and Zyprexa for extreme boipolar disorder- I didn’t know my own butthole from a hole in the ground. From that horrible experience, I am leary of these new “miracle meds”, as they only mask symptoms, and do not treat the disorder.

In that regards, what is your training history, body comp, and diet like? When I moved to Arkansas 3.5 years ago, I flushed my meds, and upped the protein and fish oils. I feel really coherent, and haven’t had bad manic fluctuations. I also feel that your environment plays a key role in this as well. One thing that really helped me, was getting rid of ephedra-filled supps. I am greatful for HOT-ROX for eliminating the jitters; especially since ephedra spiked me into manic bouts.

One thing to help you is to plan out your day and week ahead. Before bed, take 3-6mg of Melatonin and a serving of ZMA and some Low-Carb Grow! Reflect on important events and information you experienced, and focus on what you plan to accomplish. As the ZMA and Melatonin kick in, lay down and sleep.

Deep sleep, ZMA, and brain food(Power Drive)helped me combat the scatter-brained effects of bipolar disorder. Also, keep in mind that you are human, and can only accomplish so much. I am a workaholic, and my drive to do more wore me out mentally, physically, and emotionally. I’d then go on a carb and spending binge, waking up to be surrounded in donuts and stereo equipment.

I do not have a total solution, but analyze your situation, and make subtle lifestyle changes, therefore reducing or mitigating your dependance on meds. I hope this helps, -The Starkdog

There is a nootropic (i.e. smart drug) called pyritinol which you may find helpful. A google search should yield some useful info.


yeah, i already quit taking it…it gave me a headache, and made me really focused on how much my head hurt…ironic.

i’ve found that tyrosine helps me, along with 200 mg of caffiene. for some reason 300 mg is too much…

i just got diagnosed, and the doc prescribed that for me. realistically, i want to keep off that kind of medication as long as i can. thanks for the advice, as well.


do you have any expericne with pyritinol (does, etc.)?