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STRATEGY Video Games?


I'm a fan of Civilization IV, Civilization V, and Total War: Napoleon.

I'm thinking of getting Total War: Shogun 2 so I may learn more about my japanese roots.

Really cool games.


Aren't you unemployed and living in a homeless shelter?


Yeah... But I have a laptop...

And I don't really know why you brought that up. The topic in this thread is Video Games.


He brought it up likely because of your messed up priorities. For example food and shelter is more important than gym memberships and games, but you live in a homeless and buy these non-necessities.


I've had this laptop and those three games for 2 years. And there are lots of Wi-Fi spots here that make my laptop useful.

It doesn't mean that I'm not looking for a job. I'm working on it, but at the same time, I'm having fun in the process. What's wrong with that?


We have a thread for this already


That you could be developing employable skills with this time. Or acquiring knowledge that can help transition you from jobs where you're told what to do as a disposable asset, to jobs where you're self-directed and can generate your own value.

But, you know, whatever.


How to make your girl squirt?

Oh, the Geek threads... Ner mind.


This. I would be working like mad.

Your plight is hard to take seriously. It doesn't look like you're taking it seriously either.


Do you really need a job? I mean it's good to have that extra money and security but if you can get by on welfare, food stamps, free healthcare etc. - why waste your time working? Leave that for the suckers that pay your welfare checks. I don't know where you live but there are plenty of blue states you could move to to make life easier. Why not move somewhere sunny and live at the beach out of your car? Spend your days surfing and your nights playing PC games? Maybe scrounge some extra cash panhandling or if that's too low brow maybe some grifting? There's no reason to work at all really is there? That's a sucker's game.


For the sake of argument...

For those of you that have not experienced an extended layoff, it is quite stressful. Emotions, finances, relationships, health (physical and mental), and confidence are all stretched thin. Small "vacations" like this, especially when connecting you to others, can do a lot for your sanity and, in turn, ability to gain employment (try an interview with no confidence).

That being said, OP still has to make sure he ain't slackin.