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Strategies to Get hCG Prescribed?


Just about every doctor will not prescribe hCG.

What are the strategies to get them to prescribe it? Could be anything.


Where you are located definitely can shape the conversation, as well as your age. Testes getting smaller and softer? Testes ache? Are you needing to preserve fertility?


I am in Quebec and I am relatively young.

No issues with anything since I am not on TRT yet.

Health care in Qc is particuliar, good for some things but not the best for TRT.

Could go see a doctor in northern usa if it’s the way to go.


Do you have compounding pharmacies there? Tell them what you are looking for and why, fertility preservation etc.

Do you have doctors there that work outside the Provençal healthcare system?


Probably but you would need a script, you can’t just go there and ask for stuff

Some work outside the public system but it doesnt make a difference.

Not sure but I think there is guidelines provided by their association and they don’t want to do anything else in fear of retaliation.

For endo 50 mg delatestryl Intramuscular per week is the way to go.

For urologist its garbage androgel.

You would need to tell lies, like you want to have kids and it’s required by your religion to make them without a break or something like that.

Open to suggestions.


Plus doctors wont care about small testis