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Strategies for Getting Over Plateau

I have heard it quite a few times now that when you plateau you must either change the routine or else change the exercise you are stalling on. ( DoggCrapp training for example advocates this change most vociferously )…

However I have only a few exercise movements that I really feel comfortable with and would hate to change them even if I have stopped progressing on them. One of these movements is the Military Press. It used to be my favourite exercise but I haven’t been able to up the reps nor the weight much in over half a dozen workouts.

I don’t want to ditch the exercise so what would be the merit of maybe lowering the weight( to maybe sixty to seventy percent of that which I have currently stalled on ) and trying to progress at this new starting weight albeit with a higher rep count. After I stall on that I could try revisiting the heavier weight and see if I can progress. Any thoughts?

I’ve heard that 100’s training for a week or 2 helps bust through plateaus but I’ve never done it so I can’t tell you if it works or not, maybe you can research it on the net. It just involves doing 1 set of 100 reps per exercise to shock your muscles.

Steven if you really don’t have another option as far as shoulder exercises(are you in a home gym or what?) then your thoughts of changing the rep range might be a viable option. Just throwing out numbers here but if you were hitting 8s and have stalled and move to 12s you might be able to progress, although changing to a new key shoulder exercise would be my choice.