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Straps Tearing My Skin


A little help out there? So I read (Chad?) on 10 sets of 3 (brilliant!), and I read from Dan John how to do RDLs (so THAT's how it's done!) I'm doing RDLs 10X3 @ 405, but it's more than my grip can support. I get a pair of those old-style canvas straps - work great, great workout. Only problem: next day I have ugly, bloody scabs across the thumb-side of my wrist bones.
Will I eventually callous up there, or is there an alternative?
Thanks in advance,


coughpussycough Damned cold.


I'm sure you'll eventually callous and toughen the skin. In the mean time, you can:
A - Drop the weight, stop using straps, and increase your grip strength (my choice). Consider a mixed grip (1 hand pronated, 1 supinated).

Or B - Tough it out, you girl. (just kidding...about the girl part.)

Bear in mind, I'm not playing with 405 on much of anything, but, from where I sit, those are the 2 roads to go with.


Ha! Ooooh, you're so big and tough. Call me somtime?


Do you have grip issues with regular deadlifts?


No, but I've never tried reps, and the weight is less.



If you're not using chalk, I'd get some and start using a mixed grip(alternating every set), unless you're using a hook grip. I would tough out as many sets as you can and use the straps only when you absolutely have to. Your grip strength will eventually catch up. Also, your grip strength is probably alot better than what you think it is, and all you have to do is push yourself.


Turner, you need some -Shiek lifting straps. They are by far the best, most comfortable straps I have ever used.



WHAT? You do more for fucking RDL than regular DL. That is some weird shit.


Are those legal for most competitions?

I know it could depend on the organization running it, but I was just wondering if those were AS legal as the regular straps.

I lost my grip on my last 2 deadlift days. I couldn't hold the weight for 10 reps (doing CW's ABBH II). I lost one of my straps so I wasn't able to use them, now I'll have to buy new ones.


I don't know of many (if any) federations that allow straps.


Thanks, man, you may have saved my marriage. My wife is accusing me of having fun with the handcuffs with another woman.

Seriously, these look like the ticket. I see now the page of product reviews on this site, and the consensus seems to be thumbs up. It's just impatience, wanting to do more heavy ham/glute reps without waiting who-knows-how-long for my grip to catch up, if ever.

(I just hope the other guys don't make too much fun of me.)


Is it? I don't know, I haven't been lifting very long, (hence my posting this in the Beginners forum.) It's probably my DL technique, or psych. The first part, up to my knees, is toughest for me so far. Anything I've gotten past my knees, I've been able to lock out. But I'm continueing to study and learn.


OK, here's an update, in case anyone's interested.
A week later I did traditional DLs, working up to a (first and only, so far) PR single of 335 (stop that laughing!) with an overhand grip. No straps needed.
A week after that, I cycle back to RDLs 10 X 3 again. In the mean time I've purchased the Schiek (not Shiek) regular lifting straps. I notched back to 315 because I wanted to improve my form, then work up again. Anyway, couldn't hold the grip for the 3 reps, so I used the new straps. Worked great, comfortable, no more trauma.
Thanks all!


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