Straps Make Deadlifts Harder for Me

Hey guys, so a couple days ago I was doing deadlifts, 5x5 with 315 lb. I was going to try to use straps because for me that is kind of lots of reps (and usually my grip will give out). The thing is though, I reset after every rep. When I walk up to the bar, I get a huge breathe of air at the top and get tight, then pull the slack out of the bar, then pull the weight. When I tried doing it with straps, it forces you to start at the bottom (since your hands are strapped to the bar). It seems like I can’t get as much air in my stomach and brace as well as I would when I start from the top. Does this make sense to anyone? I guess I am just saying its harder to breathe in lots of air and brace when I am already bent over grabbing the bar vs getting air at the top. Has anyone else had this problem? I ended up just doing mixed grip for those sets, but I know in the future when I am doing much heavier weight I might need to use straps.

Yes I am the same way. I get my air when I’m standing. All of my best pulls have been without straps. I just can’t brace as well when I’m strapped to the bar and not standing straight.

I just got a pair of figure 8 straps to (hopefully) correct this problem. They go on fast enough to where I should be able to get my air while standing and still set up quickly enough. I’ll know more later this week.

Of course, all of this depends on why you’re deadlifting in the first place, and what you expect to get out of using straps, or not.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. I mainly workout to just get stronger. Probably won’t ever compete. Just for strength, that’s why I wanted to start using straps.

You have to learn how to “unroll” yourself at the bottom, get the air in, then clamp down on it. I actually get much tighter this way, and pull like this even without straps.

I demonstrate the technique here


I see what you are doing there. I’ll practice doing that next time I deadlift. Awesome lifts by the way! 10 rep set, that’s crazy!

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If I have to use straps I sort of kneel at the bottom and get the straps around then get my feet set up then lift, otherwise I get a hernia from the belt.

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