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Straps: How Much Is Too Much


I just got my first set of straps and was surprised by the difference. I was repping 110 DB's for 1 Arm Rows, threw on straps and maxed at 125's for 7 reps today. Huge increase! I was wondering when it's overkill though? I only plan on using straps for the last set or two of row variations on back day, BB shrugs, maybe DL's and perhaps some curls? What do you guys do? Does it even matter? Thanks!


I use them for every back exercise plus BB shrugs (esp. with no chalk allowed in my gym)

Using them for biceps and lateral raises may be overkill, but if someone gets results using them for those exercises whos gonna tell them otherwise? you can always train grip seperatly.

I dont see much of a downside to using straps for bodybuilding.


word up maiden! Thanks bro. Would they work for pinwheel curls? A dude said I should try them, but it seems kinda pointless...


I use straps on damn near everything, because of my carpal tunnel.

Hiss, pinwheels may be an exercise that will warrant straps, especially if you start going heavy with them. Still making sure to squeeze the fuck out of the handle while doing so, of course, why limit weight lifted because of grip issues?


I do the same, and as a consequence my grip is definitely way weaker than it should be. I'd do it the same way over again though because not only can I lift heavier weight, if I don't have to focus on grabbing the bar I can really pull with my elbows and hit my back a lot better.

I see guys using them for db shoulder press a lot too, and I bet that would help alot when you're trying to kick heavy dbs off your knees.


They are a brachioradialis and brachialis exercise... There is no point in letting your grip hold you back here.
They are also not an exercise that is usually done strictly...
Same for back work.
If your grip is holding you back that much on rows... Well?

Straps just help the finger flexors anyway... You use them on literally every exercise where you hold onto something.

Just do your lighter sets without. Overworking your grip doesn't make it stronger... It'll just make you weaker overall.

A top set of high rep kroc rows, 20+ reps without straps can help a lot in making your grip better... Pulling for reps double-overhand without straps (after your heaviest DL set, try a set of 9-12 strapless double-overhand for example... Your lighter shrug sets for high reps etc).

Of course you don't need to use straps on every single back exercise like v-handle rows and such... But a few select exercises defenitely benefit from them... Ask yourself what you want to achieve by doing the exercise or set and then decide based on that.


Second vid. Didn't show in the other post for some reason.


Oh, and when bending over the 'bells... You keep your low back arched. The bend comes from the hip joints.

Just mentioning that before someone goes and blows a disc.


I have used straps for pinwheels. Havent had to lately, new gym has some good grips on the db's.

awesome exercise.

CC, whats the difference between doing pinwheels bent over opposed to doing them standing straight up?


Use straps when grip hinders your progress from lifting more weight.


I am guilty of using straps a lot [on pulling motions]. My grip strength as a result is not great. I naturally have grown good forearms despite this, so forearm growth is not really a concern for me. Just use common sense. As you get more advanced, you'll figure it out.


I see no benefit doing Pinwheel Curls like in video above besides future shoulder problems...


Cool, don't do them.


I used straps for the first time today, on shrugs. It was pretty awesome.


And for what it's worth, I've never used straps and my forearms are one of my best bodyparts. Got gorilla grip. Chalk helps on heavy deads.



me too. how is it possible lol. im guessing from all the curls i do.


Use straps for all heavy sets of rows/pulldowns/pull ups/rack pulls/shrugs and even deadlifts if your hands aren't big enough to get a solid grip on the bar, even with chalk

Don't use them for loads that don't cause your grip to fail within the target rep range your aiming for

Use straps when you're focusing on higher volume/fatigue loading pulls with a peak contraction at the end of the movement....straps allow you to "forget about" your hands and arms and pull primarily with your back and allow a much better mind muscle connection to the back musculature...which in my opinion, is the often missing link in a lot of trainees back development.

In my opinion, maximize back size and strength will NEVER be achieved with out the use of straps for the majority of your heaviest sets or those requiring higher reps with moderate weight.

Train your forearms separately, if forearm size is of importance to you

The less you have to think about your grip, the more you can concentrate on your back


very well put, I agree totally.


Great thread.

With wrists under 6.5" and pretty small hands I feel like straps are almost definitely key to my back growth after reading this, I currently only use them on one-arm rows, coincidently I can hit to this exercise much harder then any other back exercise. In fact I'd go as far as to say I have been severely hampering my progress by not using straps, it's meant I've avoided direct trap work for a start. Don't have grip issues with deadlifts using mixed grip but I feel it'd be easy to be more consistent with strength on deadlifts as grip has been wrote to be what goes pretty quickly if your CNS isn't 100%, something I've personally definitely noticed.

It's along the same lines of wrist wraps for pressing work, always feel a bit daft using them with my poundages, however, using them consistently literally has no drawbacks. It wouldn't even be non-legal for PLing... basically I just view it as if your bone structure etc. means they will help tons, then let them help. Especially when bodybuilding.