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Strap/Wrap/Hook Recommendations


Anyone have a good recommendation for straps/wraps/hooks? My grip is the limiting factor in my rows, and I need something that will let me move heavier weights than my grip allows. Don't really care about cost, just effectiveness. Thanks.


just plain cotton straps you can buy at walmart.


Harbingers. Pretty basic. Cut them a little shorter so you don't have to wrap them around the bar 15 times. And they're pretty cheap.


Spud wrist straps:


Thanks for the recommendations. The Spuds look interesting; is there much of a difference if the strap is separate rather than attached to the glove? The guy in the video seems to need his free hand to wrap the strap around the dumbbell; how hard is it with barbells?


I have a question on straps, but didn't want to make an entire thread over it. I use my straps on heavy dummbbell exercises and they work great (allows me to get more reps with higher weight). However, it seems like if I use them on barbell exercises, it doesn't translate. On deadlifts and rack pulls, it almost seems like the straps do nothing but make the bar thicker, and harder to hold. So am I do something wrong?? Why are the straps 'working' for dumbbells not barbells??


Chalk them up , wrap them extra tight and still grip the hell out of the bar.


You are definitely doing something wrong, maybe they aren't tight enough (you haven't twisted them enough). When I use straps on heavy rack pulls and dead lifts, I use a false grip because they are so tight that I don't even need the support of my thumbs. Then again I'll use a false grip without straps on all my warm-ups, even up to 315...


Alright thanks guys. My gym wont allow chalk, but I can try and focus more on trying to tighten the straps around the bar.


Having the straps loose around your wrists and then wrapping the WHOLE STRAP (not just the end but the whole cross section part) is the way to go. I have never lost my grip this way. Kind of hard to explain but I hope it is understandable enough.


Then try "Harbinger Big Grip No-Slip" ; about 16.5$ at That big online bookstore.
they stay!


Get the ironmind straps. Ironmind.com


this x 100 if you're looking for cheap straps.

Dont get the ones with the lame little pads. I dont think they work as well.(i got some and didnt like them so i removed the pads) Cut them too cause they are long as hell


Versa Gripps


I snagged the ironmind straps, thanks for the recommendation.


I wouldn't use hooks, which carry practically 100% of the load and therefore totally relieve your grip. Use the minimal degree of assistance you need. Because your forearm muscles WILL lag proportionately. Ask me how I know.


Good point, Belligerent.

Does anyone use gloves along with straps, or is it better to use straps with bare hands? I've seen both.


I use straps with Mechanix gloves. But I always wear Mechanix gloves anyway. Doesn't seem to make a difference.


Modok, let us know how the Tate straps work out.


Glove? you don't need gloves (unless your gym is cold!)