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Strap Problems?

I had a very frustrating back training session tonight when I missed more than one deadlift due to a very sweaty grip. My grip is strong enough when it’s dry (I use a mixed grip) but it’s really warming up down here and the room gets quite humid.

I have straps and while I train on my own, I’ve been shown a couple of times how to use them but for the life of me, I can’t get them to make the lift any easier. In fact, if anything, they make it more difficult for me. I only ever try them when my grip is going.

This is how I’ve tried:

  1. Loop over my wrist pointing thumbwards or under my wrist pointing outwards or the opposite combos.
  2. Tighten the weaker hand strap with my stronger hand then do the stronger one by itself. I’ve tried the strap wrapping under the bar towards me and over the bar away from me.

Am I the only idiot who struggles to make them work? It is SO frustrating missing lifts due to a small thing.

Also, no chalk because I lift in a carpeted spare bedroom.

Thanks for any tips in advance.


Liquid chalk. Search it up.

Or a vacuum (which is what I use with my powdered chalk).

Not sure why the straps don’t help you. I’m not sure if I understand how you are using them though. When I use straps, they are connected (one end through the loop) under my wrist and the non-loop end points toward my thumb. Never used them any other way.

As for wrapping them around the bar, I have done both over and under and had no problems.

Just vacuum and use chalk. I used to have the same problem with straps, make sure they are wrapped around the bar the opposite direction your fingers wrap around that that everything is tight. If you don’t feel a lot of pressure on your wrists (mine usually bruise a little from the straps cutting in) then you aren’t doing it right.