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Strangest reactions

Have often read stories on the forum about the “strange” reactions
T-folk get while wearing their Testosterone T-shirt…
but, gheez!

The first time I wore a Testosterone T- shirt was twelve days
ago during my monthly trip to Atlantic City. Having just changed
for dinner and not expecting anything unusual, I left my hotel
room (Dad was already at the buffet-hall, waiting) and headed
for the elevator. No more then fifteen seconds had passed
before I was surrounded by a posse of menacing thugs - well
sort of…?

Yep, I was accosted by a group of (about 6 or 8) 65 to 75 year
old ladies who proceeded to follow me to the elevator, all the
while bombarding me with embarrassing questions. One
blue-haired senior began, "You know, young man, just
'cuz we’re older doesn’t mean we can’t read, and don’t know what
testoserone is. Then her friend, I think she was the “alpha-grannie,”
probed deeper, "Testosterone, hmmmm…are ya advertising - or
selling? Next, a shrill voice from the back of the pack echoed,
" Yeah, can ya deliver - dearie…? “Holy crap,” could these geriatric
nypmhos have possibly thought I was a …a … “A Man-Whore!!!”

When the elevator arrived, I refused to enter and be trapped in
its confines with a group of “post-menopausal savages!” So I
opted for the stairs.

Now, I can fully appreciate how you vixens feel about boarding an
elevator full of unsavory males - yikes, scary!

P.S. Is this what you guys mean by strange reactions?

That was a hilarious story, well, I guess as long as you arent the victim.

haha you must be one fine piece of man flesh to be stirring up hot desires from grannies. I only get smiles from folk.

Joey Z., nihongo wakaru deshou? Shikata ga nai yo. Ii otoko nara, konna ni natchau. Jikai mou sukoshi wakai onna no tokoro de T-shatsu o kite mite ne!

I’ve always gotten smiles from the ladies and bitchy looks from the guys.

Ok, I’ve liked you (or should I say your online personality) for some time now but you just went through the roof of the “Guys I Want to Meet Someday” list! I have no earthly clue what the hell you said but the fact that you said it is awesome! Would that there were more multilingualists around.

Karma, I thought you wanted to meet me? LOL! I have not worn my Testosterone shirt in a while. But the times I have, someone always said something. I’ve had people say things like, “That’s a cool shirt, where did you get it?” And I’ve had the “what’s that supposed to mean” response. And of course, I’ve gotten stares and dirty looks from both guys and girls. Wherever you go, a Testosterone shirt will elicit at least one response from someone, and most likely, it will give you much attention (wanted and unwanted).

Yeah baby, I want to meet you too! Just drive your sorry ass up here and be done with it! Oh, but wait…where’d ya shit at? Oops, nope, ya can’t come see me. he hee heeeee

Okay, ol’ char-dawg’s head is swelling up to Hindenburg proportions right about now. Patricia likes me, Michelle likes me, and now ~karma~ likes me! Life doesn’t get much better than this…

I think I need to go and ah, cool off somewhere for a few hours. I’ll be back to post something sensible when I’m not quite so hypercephaloid any more. Argle bargle burgle blather…

(Oh, and for those who DON’T speak Japanese, what I said was “Joey Z., you understand Japanese, right? Hey, there’s no help for it. When you’re a stud, stuff like this is gonna happen. Next time try wearing your shirt someplace where the women are a little younger!”)

char-dawg-san, watakushi wa Nihongo ga sukoshi
wakarimasu. Zannen desu.

Caught your drift, except for the term “natchau.”
Will heed your advice and don my Testesterone
shirt where there are “takusan wakai onna!”

Arigato, Joey Z.

“Natchau” = a contraction of “natte shimau”.

Actually, you probably shouldn’t use that contraction, because it’ll make you sound feminine. Here in Hiroshima it’s part of the local dialect, so I’m okay, but up in Tokyo people would probably laugh at me (if the Japanese were impolite enough to laugh at a foreigner making a mistake). Anyway nihongo gambatte ne!

Karma, sweetheart, any time you feel like getting together you just let me know, 'kay? Not only is my Japanese very fluent, je parle francais aussi. [Man, I KNEW being a linguistics major would pay off one day…!]

Oh, and Nate, sorry my man, but you done been displaced! LOL!

Ah, don’t worry Char-dawg, I’m not jealous or anything. Besides, I got a girl. I don’t need ~karma~ too! I don’t want to be a glutton. It’s all you buddy.

~karma~, LMAO! Good one! I told you hotels are okay!!! Fucker! LOL!

Scary stuff man. You shoulda just done em all. TMAG style :slight_smile:

I live in a small town in N. Indiana and I’ve had 1 " cool shirt" everything else has been them looking at the shirt through the tops of their heads to see if it truly says what they think it says and aversion of eye contact with me from there on out. Actually one time I had THE shirt on and I was wearing my Renegade skully and had some chick ask if I was “one of them adrenaline freak gravity game people”, I just said"something like that" , and she said “cool”.Peace,Tmofa

He he, you got me laughin’ man. You should do comedy.

James, thank you for the kind words. As far as being a comedian goes, perhaps I could get my start by working the
local convalescent homes since I seem to be rather
popular with the older crowd! That is, as long as the
grannies behave themselves - DOUBLE YIKES!!!