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Strange Upper Trapezius Problem

For some time now (a few months) I have this strange feeling in my traps, like my arms pull the shoulders down and my traps feel stretched.
It only happens after long walks / long stands
It’s not really a pain so I didn’t think going to the doctor was worth it.

any tips? / similar conditions?

are your traps tight? get a tennis ball and roll it around the muscle. maybe use a wall to roll up against or the floor if you can maneuver yourself with the right amount of pressure that way.

Might be, but I don’t recon overusing them and I always stretch them!

sometimes stretching things kind of consolidates knots. not much to be lost in having a roll and seeing what (if anything) you can find. i find that muscles get tight when i’ve been working them. rolling helps me a great deal more than stretching anyways.

I tried the tennis ball thing you told me but it’s kinda hard to actually understand from reading.
Do you mean rolling like the “foar roller” massage?