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Strange Training Music?


I do this exact thing frequently. My protocol is brief, HIT style workouts, so there's no boredom from repeated rounds.


I always listen to Trance Music while training. Armin Van Buuren, Ali and Fila, Bobina, Alexander Popov are my favorites.


RnB all the way for squats especially. I'll put up with whatever happens to be playing, but I like RnB best.


Trout mask replica - Beefheart


Yellow Shark is orchestral but it isn't classical.

I am actually one of the very few who understand that kind of music and love it.


I don't understand it but do like it. I'm kind of like that with any type of art. I don't understand it and don't even try to. I just take it for what it is.

Not that Yellow Shark was a bad album or not good, it just wasn't anywhere near a good choice for me to lift to. I find pretty much all of Zappa to be very distracting, which is great when you need to be distracted.


The ''Shut up and play yer guitar'' serie and ''Trance Fusion'' albums are pretty good for training.

I don't listen much to Zappa anymore. I know every part of every song of the official releases, having listened to each at least 500 times from 14 to 24 years old. I listened to most of the unofficial stuff too on the internet I think..

Zappa has produced maybe 10 times more stuff in his 30 year career than the average working composer/musician. It adds up.

Recently I have been listening to Allan Holdsworth while training mostly.



I train in the morning before I go to work, and I love to train outside, in the winter at 5 am listening to the wind and coyotes howl.


Me, too. Predator, Star Wars, Klingon battle themes, Batman theme, Zod theme, Bane theme..


When I'm working out at home I listen to action or SF movie theme tracks, or sometimes a play list that mixes lots of 80s rock.


Pretty cool to see a Holdsworth fan on T-nation. I love listening to Erotic Cakes by Guthrie Govan or Powers of Ten (live) by Shawn Lane all the time while training. Honestly, anything by either of the aforementioned, but those two albums are a go-to most of the time.


Recently I ''pledged'' (bought in advance) on pledgemusic the latest release of Allan Holdsworth ''Tales from the vault'' which has a new track called ''Earth'' with Virgil Donati on drums along with a bunch of other stuff.

I think the song is awesome and might be your taste.

The release was supposed to have a bunch of songs like that but Allan couldn't finish it and gave old unreleashed songs instead. Still worth the buy.

I am not that much into guitar heroes, I think Allan Holdsworth music says something special. It's a bit like FZ, not everyone gets it.


Yeah, I definitely see what makes people adhere to his music so much. I only became aware of Allan through a Shawn Lane interview where he mentions him as one of his biggest inspirations.

As far as listening goes, Allan's music is a bit too left field for me but I still went on an escapade of watching live footage from him a while ago and was basically blown away that someone like him existed in that era. I'm a sucker for simpler chord progressions sadly for now.

Question, have you ever listened to The Aristocrats?

What a trio. Not just in the light of guitar but the band as a unit is honestly one of a kind. Awesome stuff.


Just listened, that's not my kind of music unfortunately. Thanks for posting anyway.

I like things that surprise me. If I can guess what's coming before it's played I probably won't really like it.


Try deadlifting to Tchaikosky's 1812 overture. denenene na na nah nah nah!


Also, this used to be my standard gearing up to train song:

I’ve been told that it’s strange. I like it though.