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Strange Training Music?


Anybody here ever train to “abnormal” music? By that I mean not the usual metal/hard rock or rap that are somewhat the norm.

The reason I ask is I usually train listening to talk radio. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Berry usually (unless its max out day and Static x or Deftones goes on.)

So anyone listen to something strange when they lift. Jazz, country, classical, talk, bluegrass?


I like joe rogan experience, mark bells powercast, and the fighter and the kid, podcast sometimes. I met George Foreman in 90 and he was listening to jazz when he trains. My ultimate trained music would be Ministry ( in case you didn’t feel like showing up ) live cut.


I heard that classical music was supposed to help so I got Yellow Shark by Frank Zappa and tried listening to that a couple of times.

Complete failure.


Every worthwhile PR I ever set was to “So What” or “Thieves”. I believe that live disc was taken from 2 shows, one in Chicago at the Riv on NYE (I was there) and a Detroit show.


I got the vhs of the show, if it still works i dont know, must have been awesome show to be at, i am sure that crowd was amped, slayer awsome too.


I listen to a mix of new country and a couple of 80’s songs, just because I can.


I listen to a audio books or podcasts while lifting.

When shooting for a heavy set, I’ll switch on ACDC or Metalica.


Listen to Beethoven’s 5th and 9th symphony while lifting every so oftern. Also Dvorak’s 9th (New World Symphony). And, obviously, Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries (well, Der Ring des Nibelungen but who’s countin’?) - really Wagner is a precursor to Metal so it kind of fits.

I’ve listen to podcasts from time to time, too but find it a little difficult to focus on the podcast with weights in my hands.


I play a mix tape with sounds of screaming children, barking dogs and air raid sirens.


Funny, that’s my sleeping mix


7th is where it’s at. Although I don’t think it would be good to lift to. How can you set a PR if your weeping? LOL


I listen to stuff from movies sometimes.

I use this (BUT NOT FOR 30 MINUTES!) when i run.

and this


Liszt - Paganini Etude No. 6. I can headbang to that shit.


haha … the 7th is fine … I like the 4th better though


my girlfriend hits all her squat PRs to Ace Of Base


“To this day, when I work out I usually listen to ballads.” - Rollins.

I recently read something about listening to one song on repeat for your entire workout to help focus, kinda like how you hear about geniuses wearing the same outfit to eliminate unnecessary decision making. I gave it a shot, didn’t notice anything special other than surprisingly getting a little irritated by the monotony after the 4th go’round. So, kinda counterproductive.

This summer, I trained in the backyard and sometimes went with no music, just listened to the birds, cicadas, cars, and regular suburban noise. That was actually a nice change of pace.


I read that Sonny Liston used to train to James Brown “Night Train” over and over for hours.


I love to train to movie soundtracks. My friends think I’m strange for this.


I’m a huge Springsteen fan, so I’m usually rocking out to Rosalita and the live 14 minute jazzy version of Kitty’s Back during my sessions. While still technically Rock, most wouldn’t really equate Bruce Springsteen with workout music


I listen to a lot of jazz, blues, and R&B when I train. It detaches my psyche from an aggressive focus to something more passive and I can be stress free. Also guitar and piano instrumental stuff. The Aristocrats/Guthrie Govan, Satriani, Shawn Lane, Sean Ashe, Plini, the list goes on.