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Strange Things You've Seen at the Gym

Another good one is girls crawling on all fours under the leg extension machine, then doing single leg upwards donkey kicks against the roller.

There’s a dude at the gym who always wears a pistol, open carry, either on his waist or in a shoulder holster.

He’s not a cop.

It’s open carry without a license in New Mexico. And we have bears and much more dangerous two-legged coyotes and drug runners here, so it’s actually not a bad idea to be armed out in the boonies, but the gym strikes me as a bit much.

Although I tend to keep a Glock in my gym bag (in a holster) as I move from place-to-place so I can’t call him too weird, but that’s because I took it off my hip and the lockers aren’t worth a shit.

Jesus… That’s messed up!

You’re bulletproof, so what are you worried about?

But seriously, I can’t understand this. Even if you’re pro guns and all that you need to draw a line somewhere.

Wweerree tthheeyy hhoott?

Funniest thing I ever saw was an older gentlemen come into the local YMCA one evening. Well he was very out of shape and jumps on a flat bench when the gym is packed. He proceeds to do a couple warm up sets and then stacks the bar. First rep, lowers the bar and gets a 1/4 way up and gets stuck. Arms shaking, the bar tilts to one side, first plate falls off; barbell swings to the opposite side and that plate falls off. This went on back and forth till all the weights fell off the bar. It was like a cartoon. The staff run over and he starts yelling at them…

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The girl(young woman) crawling under the leg extension was really good looking. This was at least 3 years ago, and I still remember it. Sometimes I wonder how I could be such a puss, passing up such an obvious invitation.

The girl from Latvia or where ever carries a lot of muscle, and is really skilled at lifting. Some dudes aren’t into that.

Backward running on the treadmill while shadowboxing.

I have done this before, not the 1/4 rep part. Years ago, I was working night shift, so I was in the gym and the place was empty…E-M-P-T-Y. Heavy day, and I was using a weight I had hit for multiples before, not that night. For whatever reason got the first rep, felt good, then I hit the brick wall.

yeah but you were alone.
This dude could have easily asked someone not to mention a trainer for help.

He’s banned now. Got escorted from the premises by the police, apparently. Really wish I’d been there to see it.

Oh fuck! God damn. Did you hear what he did?

Also, are you still training in the 5pm - 7pm dead zone?

I think he told someone to get off “his” machine or something (he may have pulled someone off it), then when challenged by the staff he did that thing with the spit and said the only way he was leaving was if they called the police. Which they did.

I think it was just the straw that broke the camel’s exceptionally strong back. The stories your hear about that guy…

My training times are a bit all over the shop at the moment, but I’ll be there in about an hour. I’ve been in late on a couple of times recently but don’t think I saw you. I still always have a scope about!

No way! As far as I’m concerned if someone pulls me off a machine that’s an assault and I’m going to defend myself.

He actually always seemed fairly pleasant to me when I spoke to him but I guess you can’t predict what a crazy person’ll do next. To be honest I’m surprised they didn’t chuck him out ages ago.

I’ve been in most mornings of late due to working stupid hours, but I think that’ll chill out soon and I’ll go back to late evening sessions so when I do I’ll hit you up and we’ll do some liftin’

There’s an older guy in his 60’s who works out at my gym. He’s fairly strong for being a 6’3" beanpole nearing retirement. I’ve seen him repping out 185 on bench, which is a bit more than his bodyweight.

Anyway he works across the street from the gym and he’ll come in sometimes to just hang out and drink cans of Budweiser on the incline bench while everyone is lifting. You don’t see that in many gyms, but I suppose I’m glad that I lift at a place that doesn’t mind if you want to knock a few cold ones back.

He’s definitely a strange gym guy, but in a fun, funny character kind of way that adds to the charm of where I lift. I still remember when he spotted my first max bench attempt of 200 pounds in November of 2013. It was a grinder, but I got it.

Another strange person at my gym is a very attractive woman who wears these clothes that make it really difficult to properly ogle her figure. She comes in, does her workout and leaves without any suggestive posturing. I’m not sure what she’s up to, but I think she definitely wants me.


This afternoon. I was lifting during lunch. This song comes on, the words go something like “I want your sex, sex me baby, sex me baby.” And I said outlout "What the fuck kind of gym music is this.

the end

George Michael? That’s a good song. Amazingly, a pro-monogamy one.

It might have been. Ive been doing my main lifts at my work gym since I get the important stuff done in 30 minutes, 5 days a week and the strongman stuff after work or on the weekend. All I know is that I did not expect to hear those words while I was about to do a set of clean+strict presses

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1130740260311672&id=100001271265208 thought this may be a good thread for this vid

I believe this qualifies. Although I’d totally do this on purpose.