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Strange Story About Prolactine Induced Gyno


Hi,i will try to short my story( i'm Almost 20 years).After some months after i started gym i abused jack3d and neurocore but with a break after each tub.I sleept less and took 4-5 scoops of neurocore per training ses and it seems to be not verry effective as it was before.

After that,my strenght decreased,libido too and i was very tired but no fucking excuses,i continued training even overtrained and i don't took even a fucking break.That made my problems worse ( getting fat,lost muscles etc.).I started took tribulus,fenugreek and stupid shits to boost my test,last bullshit took was DAA with l-dopa to control prolactine.

First cycle of DAA was 6 weeks and 2nd 8 i think.My nipples was sweaty but i tought it's because of summer time but sth was strange,my nipples were a bit enlarged too and getting hard when playing with em.A little time later i noticed i can lactate.
I started taking again l-dopa and anything was good,after one week i discovered b6.Now,like symptoms i got only enlarged nipples but are back to normal when i'm cold and sensitive nipples (Getting hard when i'm cold ).

Probabbly i fucked up my hormones when i was taking too much pre workouts and sleept less( it's been 1 year and a half ) but the related gyno is from now a month ( after done taking DAA).

I have low libido,achy joints and with no strenght in them(After that adventure i feel 80kg on squatting as i felt 160kg before hormone crash <>).

Should i use dostinex(caber)? What happen if my estro is high and i take caber? I will have only high estro and get E related gyno? I'm not sure how i feel my estro right now but i don't wanna take my bloods now.

Right now i feel achy joints,low libido,low strenght,no bloat,no fat,no pump in the gym,BUT, that's is strange cause is random,in 2 days i can have a bit of libido and pump in the gym,but rest of all are the same.
I've never done a roid cycle but i wanna start soon,after i fix my enlarged nipples.(If is needed i will take pic)
Any suggests?Thanks.


Use caber. Get bloodwork.

You are an idiot. Stay away from drugs.


Youre post was simply a shit.
Reason for telling me why i won't use drugs? Maybe i got some problems and i need to.
Before telling me to use sth ,give details.
U told me nothing new ,lol.
Reply on other posts that way.


You told me nothing new,i know about caber.When u give advices ,give detalis.
Don't tell me what to do with my life.I listed some symtomps and can be interpreted by someone experienced.
And be careful how u calling me.


Ok, I'll humor you.

What problems do you intend to solve with drugs? Did you use any with the daa or before that?


Hey I'm not the one lactating. Do you think you should listen to me or that silly little voice in your head?


lol, you sure do talk tough for a dude leaking breast milk


If u were reading proper u would find i was lacting for 1 day only and i specified i don't used roids.
What a idiot.