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Strange Smell Coming from Test 400?

Hi people, its been some time since my last post but here goes, ive recently purchased some Super Test 400, and there was a very very strange odour coming from the oil itself, as i didnt pay attention to the smell of omnadren on my previous cycle i have no idea on what to expect. is it common for different Test’s to have odours?
. Should i continue using this Test?

Thanks guys, all help is appreciated

What kinda odour is it?

All oil has a smell. Grapeseed oil has a distinct smell that one definitely would notice if there was leakage

the odour is strange, very strong to the smell, almost acidic?

Saps, what signs should i look out for?

What do you mean?
Should you be worried your oil has a scent? No.
Its impossible for me or anyone to play the smell game with you.
Your gear is probably just based on grapeseed oil which to me has a distinct and somewhat penetrating smell. No worries though

ok, so the fact that its grapeseed oil based doesnt affect the test at all. am i right?

Well Im not sure we can its a fact you are grapeseed oil based but the oil does not matter