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Strange Side Effects


This is my first forum. Only 1 person knows of my steroid use & this took alot for me to open up and ask. I would really appreciate any helpful info.

I first tried steroids when I was 18. I researched many different types before I decided to go through with roids. (I'm not here to debate poor decisions such as my age, doses , etc.) I started taking deca durabolin 2 weeks after I graduated highschool. I had been lifting since I was 14 and had a very solid physique @ 5'7" 150lbs. I dosed Deca with an initial 2cc injection followed by a 1 cc injection for 9 weeks. During the 10 weeks I did not supplement with anything other than vitamins & protien shakes. I gained 5-6 lbs, but was much stronger.

After 9 weeks off, I started the same cycle I had before. Again I only gained about 3-5 lbs. (I retained every bit of muscle I gained) I did not use any post cycle therapy because I was somewhat naive when I began my endeavors. However, I kept lifting and over the 3 months after I had stopped steroid use completely I jumped to 195lbs. still 5'7". My strength sky rocketed in everyway. I wanted to know if anyone has had similar results or experiences? What could cause such a radical jump in muscle in a short time without supplements? I have been off since. I was recently injured which has effected my lifting schedule. I've been out of the game for about a year & 1/2. It's time to rise up again.


My only thinking and have absolutely no scientific research or knowledge to back up such a thing, but maybe because you were running Deca only cycles, your natural test levels disappeared for most of the time you were on/off/on again. After stopping the natural production of your testosterone, you're body finally began producing it again and you then were able to grow. Maybe that's complete nonsense, but the only thing I could think of. Its one of many reasons not to do steroids when you're young: you already have plenty of testosterone (unless for some medical reason your body doesn't produce it) and as such you should be able to make great gains on your own.


Thanks, I'm not sure either. I think I tried steroids because I heard good and bad things & needed to choose my own path. Not against, Not for but they aren't necessary currently. I feel steroids are ONLY effective after proper diet, supplementation, sleep schedule, and workout schedule are in check!


its your man weight lol. ur getting older.