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Male voices reveal owner’s upper body strength :

From the article “What aspects of voice we link with strength remain unknown, since there was no correlation between a man’s strength and the pitch or timbre of his voice.”

Any ideas on why this would be possible ?

Dude have you seen the guy who does the voice of Kratos for GOW. He is like 125 lbs soaking wet. Sorry being in the medical field I would disagree with this, also sample size is shit. 200 guys.

That article is crap. So they took a few people had them listen to several guys voice and had them mark down on a scale from 1 to 10 how strong they think the guys are??? WTF kinda test is that?

It’s no wonder that the students were able to guess the strength of the volunteers, as most volunteers involved in such studies are “healthy”: that is to say, they are of average health and average strength (as most volunteers usually are) - Dr. Puts’ “seven-point” scale is probably far narrower than they would like us to believe, with no exceptionally weak individuals and no exceptionally strong individuals.

The study is redundant even before trying to make a link between voice and strength, because they are analyzing average people only and judging them by average conceptions of strength.

ronnie coleman???