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Strange Results in Latest Bloodwork

Latest bloodwork on 20mg daily test cyp by insulin syringe. Not sure I understand how the free and total numbers are so low.

I’m suspect of these labs. Maybe your test is bad or you’re having absorption problems. You definitely have some issues aside from the T/E values with your hematocrit and glucose etc. I’ll leave it up to one of the medical background gurus to comment as this is throwing me for a loop.

I think the messed up the labs also.

IM or SQ?

Its done IM

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Haven’t seen you in a while man. How is it going?

I agree with @blshaw that those labs don’t make any sense. Hematocrit, and E2 high, but TT and FT in the toilet doesn’t make sense. Perhaps they got your TT and FT mixed up with a natural lady’s blood work?

It’s a lab error for the testosterone panel. Look at your estrogen levels, holy cow. It can only be this high if you are converting a lot of Free T → E2 and for that to happen, the Free T has to be elevated as well.

Are you taking biotin supplements?

Hey all good. Yea Idk what happened. They definitely messed up something.

No biotin. Yea they definitely did something wrong. They are looking into it.

Update: They claim they ran the bloods again with the same results. I will be getting bloods done thru my doctor to verify or nullify the results. Should know something in a week or 2. I’ll post the new results when I have them.

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Update: got new results back. Total test at 1476 and free test at 29.3.

I will have more to say about this shortly once I hear back from the lab that screwed up my results.

This is the results I expected. Now you know you can’t trust this lab company with your lab testing, either the lab equipment is faulty or they lied about the second result being the same.


I’m just gonna put this out there…

The lab I used was Quest Diagnostics thru Private MD Labs. I confronted PrivateMD with the results. They gave me a bunch of excuses. They would not ask Quest for a refund either. So FWIW anyone who wants their own labs without a doctor…buyer beware.

I’ve researched the rbc, hemoglobin and hematocrit numbers and advice on my slightly elevated numbers.

A few have stated that without proper hydration before getting the blood draw will show elevated hematocrit. One individual saw a 5% reduction from a dehydrated test to a hydrated test.

They also stated those living in elevated areas like Colorado have higher counts in those areas and operate just fine.

So I’m curious as to your opinion on how much I should be concerned with those numbers.

I am cleaning up the diet, at least a gal of water a day and cardio several times per week to help with cholesterol and the hemoglobin. I am a competitive powerlifter fwiw.

Wow 20mg daily put you at almost 1476 TT. I’m considering going with daily shots since I’ve been dealing with some acne issues on MWF 40mg (120mg total) this typically puts me at 1,100 TT. I’m thinking of starting at 15mg daily since I heard you should lower your dose when switching to daily shots.

How do you feel on ED shots and do you have any sides?


No sides. Feel good.

Daily shots are great for low SHBG guys. Im one of those guys. Glad you got it all figured out.