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Strange Request, Cycle Advice

Before I get into my question I’ll give you some insight into me
49 years old 5’ 8" 200-210lbs 13-15% bf
Been training since I was 25 and using gear in moderate doses on and off over the years. Took 5 years off when kids were young and been back training consistently for the last 4 years.
I’ve been on trt for the last 3 years, my prescription is for test E @ 200mgs every 5 days. My body responds very well to low doses. I only take 100 Mgs per week for 6 weeks leading up to mandatory blood work to stay on trt and my levels are always just above the allowed normal range of 700 my last results were 756! I usually only do 1 cycle per year with longer esters 16-20 weeks and have never gone over 1 gram total of gear per week with amazing results.
This year was going to be no different. But We are going to Mexico in mid April and I had planned on starting my cycle just after Christmas but the Dr. Through a kink in my plan. I need to get blood work done last week of February which only leaves me approx 7 weeks before we leave.
Would doing short esters and frontload give me noticeable gains in that amount of time? Should I throw in some orals? I’ve always ran long esters in the past. I would continue on with my cycle when I get back just possibly switch compounds

Thanks for taking the time to read my long post

yes, you can wrong a cycle for 7 weeks with short esters and orals and have noticeable gains. no need for a front load with short esters, if you’re not concurrently running long esters.

Also advice on suggestions for a cycle would be great

idk. whatever you want? lol. test p as a base, and then whatever else you want to run. I don’t know what orals you like, literally any oral is fine. And I would run it the whole 7 weeks. if you want another injectable, you could throw in tren ace. you have 20+ years of experience, you don’t need help with dose, you know what works for you.

I guess one thing I would probably do is run a slightly higher overall dose than you usually do (mg/week) since you’re doing a very short cycle. That way you may see better gains, and thus retain more, longer. Plus short cycles are relatively safer as far as toxicity and such are concerned.