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Strange Question

Ok, this is a question of a different sort. A lady friend of mine is starting to train and loves to run. She seems to think I am a training know at all and asked me a pretty fubar question. Everytime she runs, she gets the shits. The way she explained it she said it felt like her intestines were being shook up. She gets half way down the road then has to run home to shit it all out. I told her that it would go away with her body adjusting to training again but I am not sure. Anyone ever have this happen to them?

They only advice i can offer is to tell her to run indoors on a treadmill so she has quick access to a bathroom…

Squats make me crap. Now I only squat on an empty bowel.


A lot of people have bowel “motility” issues, exercise helps allieviate it, so with regular exercise it should improve.

Squats and dead make me wanna poop as well. A big coffee a 1/2 hour prior also helps get things moving along in advance.


I’d say any hopes of anal sex are out of the question.

My apologies for that last post.

While doing Lying Leg Curls I can often “feel” my pelvic region “shifting”; I think the heavy muscular contractions/stretching in the area squeezes the large intestine and … oh, well, I think we’ve said enough on this topic. If I keep going I’ll atart to explain borborygmi.

One reason it could be is the lack of blood in the GI tract. This will cause the bowels to want to rid themselves of their content, much like puking, but only out the other end.

Take a shit before she runs. Or buy her a blow up butt plug to keep things corked.

LOL @ Mike Mann’s post!!!

Does she get the shits, or just have the urge to go?

If she gets the shits (runs), then I dunno.

If she just has to poop when she runs, then I’d say that’s probably normal.

I vote for the butt plug.

Does she just have the urge to go or a serious case of stomach hurting Montezuma’s revenge? If she has to run home it sounds like it is the revenge.

I think most people will get this if they eat right before running and especially if they eat something that doesnt agree with them (e.g. milk, cheese, detour bars hehe)

Runners Diarrhea
Leave at least 2-3 hrs between eating and running. Avoid caffeine, fibre and sugars in that meal. Sugar free gum is also bad. The sugar alcohols(Sorbitol) can cause the shits if over consumed. Experiment with different meals, maybe consider a MRP.

It’s normal and can happen to anyone. Try running when taking creatine after a layoff. Hell! Just taking creatine gives you the shits.

In a somewhat related topic, why do I always have to piss when I go to the store or am shopping? I hate that! I get to the grocery store, book store, Best Buy or a clothes store, and I always have to piss!

I always have to shit when I play ping-pong. It’s a bitch too because if you leave the table you lose and when you’re playing your brother…losing is not an option. Let’s just say I’ve touched cotton on several occassions and narrowly escaped without having to change.