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Strange Pressure in Left Upper Rib Area


Hey guys,

I've had a strange pressure-feeling right below my left pec, in the upper-rib area for about 14 months now. Training has been pretty heavy and never have I taken longer break than a week. Prox. 5x/wk in the gym

Heart has been checked, MRI check, therapist has checked it 3 times incase of a lock in the pectorial area and starting to take regular massage sessions from now on!

I cannot call it pain really, it's just simple pressure.. It does get little bit worse if I sit down for longer period.Gonna have a X-ray soon...

Any experiences in similar cases in T-Nation here?


I could have sworn someone on T Nation wrote a similar post recently and it wound up being pleurisy.

<------------- Not an MD


Need to check that out then


Maybe a pleural effusion (the other case, not you)…

Anyways, good luck and let us know what your doc finds.