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Strange Pec Problem

2 months ago, after a taxing chest/back workout, a large lump appeared on my upper chest. It was about the size of a golf ball and at the top left-hand corner or my right peck near my collar bone. Although not painful, it was uncomfortable.

I had my chest scanned and my doctor, although not certain what the lump was, said it was likely just inflammation from damaged cartilage and would ‘probably go away in about a month.’ The lump has gone down, however I can still feel what is like a hard bundle of fibres poking out. I avoided any training that involved my chest for 2 weeks however I have been regularly hitting all other muscle groups since. Yesterday I trained chest and the lump came back so I don’t think I will be doing that again soon, although there was no significant pain. The doctor didn’t tell me to avoid excercise.

My questions are does anyone know what this could be or have you come across anything similar? Also what should I do about this now? Let me know if you need more details about my current training programme or symptoms etc.

Thanks for your time.

Try and get some sports massage, maybe it’s just scar tissue?

find an orthopaedic specialist who may ask about any possible drug effects.