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Strange Pain in Bicep Today


Today i was working Back, and on dumbell rows i got a very odd Bicep pain which caused me to cut the lifting short. The strange thing was it wasn't in the side that i was rowing with, it was with the arm that i had placed on the bench, pain wasnt that noticable during the set, but after completing it, i got a pretty sharp pain, didnt last long, but i could still feel it for my next set, so i decided to call it a day at that point.
Should i be worried about this?

does this ever happen to you guys?
Im feeling kind of jacked up lately, shoulder, knee, elbows....perhaps its time to take a week off?


Maybe taking a week of would be the right thing to do.

I've worked out my biceps to the point of where they felt "detached" and oddly lumpy to the inner-side. But that doesn't sound like what happened to you since it was your stabilizing arm.

I've heard of people tearing biceps from heavy deadlifts with a mixed grip but never from rowing.


Well if you are aching all over, yeah I'd say it is time to deload for a week. When's the last time you had an easy week of lifting? I'd suggest dropping your workout's volume by 50% (i.e. 2 sets instead of 4), and don't go too high in weight.


i just want to finish my last workout on friday then ill take the deload....only two more sessions to make it through

as far as tearing a bicep...i did do heavy rack pulls(mixed grip) to start off the back session...also when i trained my biceps on monday i went very, very heavy. I guess its probably all these things just accumulating.


it could have been from the mixed grip (is the underhand side the same side as the bicep pain?). take a week off to recover and go from there.


yeah it was the underhand side. maybe i forgot to keep my arms taught and locked out when pulling.


dammit, i shouldnt of trained chest today, hit a PR on flat bench but then i went to incline dumbells and shit was painful, at the point i stopped, did some dips, then walked out of the gym...however the pain in my shoulder was really bad when i was warming up to my top set of inclines(which i didnt do, because of the pain)

Hope this doesnt take long to fix!!!


that's pretty much why if you pull and you are bodybuilding, a double over hand grip with straps is the way to go. if for nothing else, double overhand will minimize any imbalances you might get by pulling with a mixed grip


Yeah I use a mixed grip on deadlifts so the next day when im doing biceps my supinated arm usually has some tendon pain there...

I need to remember to keep my arms taught or thats going to end up as a biceps tear!


I see no need to use mixed grip when doing dead lifts unless you are doing powerlifting. Even then I think many people can develop their hook grip to comparable levels. Op, you sound like me (getting old - lol) pain in the shoulders, knees, elbows (lower back) etc...


haha problem is im only 19, but yeah ive had tons of injures


Cheer up though man.

Mixed grip is ok with me going heavy but i alternate which hand is pronated/supinated every set.

You gotta remember that a lot of pressure is put on the biceps in the bench press too.


thanx man,

this is actually the third time ive hurt my shoulder, i know exactly what to do for it to recover fast.

Bicep is feeling fine today :slightly_smiling: