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Strange One Sided Lower Back Pain

After squatting with admittedly tight hip flexors a while back, I’m now getting severe low back pain and tightness in one specific point on my left hand side, right about the iliac crest.

I’ve been stretching the shit out of my hip flexors and piriformis, as well as directly foam rolling the arse and quadratus lomborum, but every time I run for longer than 3-4 minutes, or do high rep step ups/lunges or walk very fast, i have to stop pretty much any motion while the pain goes away.

This is getting on my fucking nerves. I need to up my cardio to lose weight and prepare for my annual fitness test but I can’t run whatsoever. I’ve had to pull out of playing sport as well.

Please, someone grace me with a solution :frowning: I’ve seen a physiotherapist but she was useless

Then, go see a chiro/ART.

You are out of balance and your body is telling you something.

watch for a few signs.

When you run, is your right hand moving more then your left? Is one foot hitting the ground “faster” then the other? Have someone run behind you and watch your feet. Do they stay straight? Do your toes point outside or inside? Does on side of your hip “drop”?

Two things I can think of, without seeing your gait. Your hip is still tight. yeah, it can be hard to fix (took 6 months for my right knee/IT band), but worth the time. Or your hip “loosened” and you need to “relearn” to run.


Thanks mate.

In lieu of being temporarily unable to see a chiro, should I just keep working on flexibility through the hips and test/retest?

I would:

Focus on hip flexibility. Lots of articles on this site alone. Extra stretches, foam, yoga… Just make sure you concentrate on this.
Glute activation exercises. Hip trust for one.
“Re-learn” to squat. Just do a complete deload, change your stance if needed, watch your form in the mirror, make adjustments, add weight (SL 5x5 was a great way for me when I did this)

Yes, in that order.

I had/occasionally have pain in a similar region that began at some point.

I made a serious conscious effort to fix my standing/sitting posture and foam-rolled the shit out of my IT band/hip/everywhere else daily. The pain just disappeared afterwards. It randomly comes back when I’m sitting for too long though.

Your issues are worrisome though. I’ve never felt pain while walking fast or running.

Do everything JFG says and focus on posture.

Sounds like your SI joint maybe? I’ve experienced (well currently am) the same thing. See if you have a butt wink on your squat.